I Y(e)arn for YORN

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…damn, I sound like the Swedish Chef. Bork! Bork! Bork!

Ok, so last weekend? I dyed. With Koolaid. When I went to fetch Peacock Feathers from the oubliette (under my desk), I found 3 skanks of Knitpicks dyable sock yarn that I hid there and subsequently totally forgot existed and I got a wild hair up my ass and thought “Hey, let’s see what we get when I mix colors!”, in that kid-at-the-soda-fountain-mixing-up-suicides sort of way. Because, to be honest with you, bright-assed retina-burning “happy” primary Romper-Room colors just don’t do it for me. I usually prefer the muted, muddied, subtle mellow shades, or the deep, rich jewel-tones. Well, unlike the suicide results, which were fucking nasty, I wasn’t completely disappointed with the results, though I do readily admit it’s time to move on to “adult-dyeing”. I am so over Koolaid. Besides, I’m considering ordering from here. All those color choices and such great prices makes it impossible to resist. Well, hell. Now I just gotta order more yarn. Oh. Darn.


This one is called “Ed”. The colors aren’t an exact match to the original, but I hope it’s close enough that the recipient of this yarn knits with fond and loving memories.


This one is called “Artichoke Heart”. I’m rather pleased with the results, I just wish the olive was greener, but I love the different gradients of purple in it.This last one is the exception to the “No Bright-Assed Colors” rule.
cliviayarn orangeblooms
I give you “Clivia”. It’s kinda close…I think…maybe?

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