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So, instead of more of the same, today I offer up the blessed little knitting I’ve been doing. You may want to be sitting for this…

BA socks

Yarn: Knitpicks Palette in Nutmeg.
Needles: US Sizes 2 and 1
Pattern: My own that I’ve called “Sockinette”. (Hey, it was the best I could do! Got something better? Bring it on, I’m game!)
Notes: Basically this is a cuff-down, plain stockinette sock. Cuff is done in 2 X 2 ribbing, plain heel flap with a French Toe.

I made these socks for a friend of mine to go with his Roman Legionaire reenactment *impression. Now, Jen did some research a little while back and found that knitting isn’t exactly historically accurate for 2nd Century AD. What they had was Nalbinding, which I don’t know how to do. So, until I learn how to Nalbind (hey Beth, thanks for the link), knitted will have to do for now. Eventually, when I have the patience and the surplus (HA!) yarn to do so, I’ll try felted-rolled socks.

In the meantime, I’ve casted on this fun pair for another Roman reenactor friend.
Girl Socks
Because this pair in intended for a chick, they can be fancier. I’m using the fancy rib pattern that Deb wrote for me a while back, which I dubbed as Tootsies. The recipient of these socks saw my Koigu pair, and just HAD to have her socks done similarly.

Otherwise, I’m still slowly plugging away on Peacock Feathers, but Seraphim is in time-out. There’s something seriously wonky with it, but until I have the patience (and the free time uninterrupted by the dumb question of the day or some other [male] bullshit) to figure out what I’ve fucked up on her, I’m afraid that she’ll just sit there languishing in her basket…


*For those untarded people, meaning, for those of you who don’t do historical reenactment, “impression” means “the person you’re portraying, and everthing that entails”…so in other words, the justification for a grown person to run around playing dress-up and pretending to be someone they’re not. (as Jen sits there snickering)

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