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Got these puppies done in the nick of time!

I started these back on June 25th, that would put it taking a little less than 2 weeks to knit this pair. Yeah, it’s not Wendyspeed, but it’s an improvement over the last pair, so I’m happy. And just in time too. These socks are intended for a lady friend in our Roman historical reenactment group, and we’ve got an event this weekend. I certainly hope she likes them.

Pattern: Original from Miz FKD (she loves me so much she writes patterns for my lame ass…). I hope her computer problems get resolved soon, I’m dying to see what a hot flash looks like! Anyhow…This pattern is knitted cuff-down with a beautiful eye-of-the-partridge heel flap. The original pattern calls for a Special K toe, and I think we all know how I feel about that, right? Yeah, so I altered it to a rounded toe. Besides, it looks a bit more rustic – a touch of vintage that way, a little less polished, which is exactly the look I was going for. And I’ll keep telling myself that until I believe it.
Yarn:2 balls of Knitpicks Essential in Pumpkin. What a gorgeous shade of orange.
Needles: Bamboo DPNs. Casted on over 2 needles in US size 2, and knit the first 2 rows, then switched to US size 1 for the rest of the sock.
Notes: I really enjoy this pattern. I loved the way the texture emerges and the way the heel flap looks.

How do you like that artsy-fartsy shot? Talk about some mad photography skills, huh? Think I maybe missed my calling? Uh—yeah…riiiiiiiiiiight!

This is the second time I’ve knit socks with this yarn, and I have to say, I’m enjoying it. And what an awesome shade of orange! Now, a while back I condemned the color orange to the 8th circle of hell, claiming I would never ever get near it. Well, ok…here’s the SECOND exception, the first being a gorgeous pair of socks a special lady knit for me. So you know how pretty this particular color is for me to compliment it.

After I threw the socks in the washer for their blocking soak they got so soft! Wha???? Why are you looking at me like that? It’s superwash, for cripesake! Hell, it’s not like I said “dryer” or “shredder” or anything…sheesh!

How about a bit of the Sassy…

Funny enough, the remarkable thing about this photo ISN’T the fact that the cat now greets me at the door every night when I come home from work. No. The remarkable thing about this photo is that it is evidence that my tiled entryway is finally done. Whoot! Only took 6 months…but that’s a rant for another day.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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