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One of these things are not like the other…

Round 2
If you guessed #3, you would be correct! Numbers 1, 2 & 4 are all (still) WIPS, whereas #3 is an Effed-Oh! You want proof? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE PROOF! Oops, sorry. Okay, here it is:

The Reluctant Footies:

Footies Socklettes
Who grew and grew and ended up being full-fledged socks


Stuff about the Socks
–Pattern: Losely based on Widdershins:
–Yarn: Hand Dyed Henry’s Attic Superwash in Reluctant Peacock colorway.
–Gauge: Whatever
–All Important Comments and General opinion:
It was a love-hate-love rollercoaster ride of a knit. First of all I tried to do too many new things at the same time, resulting in near cranial eruption. Once I removed one of the new elements, and the explosion barely avoided, they moved along quite nicely.
Love: Toe-Up (1) Judy’s Magic / Turkish Cast-On. I love this method so much I’m looking for other applications for it.
Hate: Toe-Up Heel fucks. The name says it all.
Love: Toe-Up (the sequel): What I thought would be enough yarn for a pair of scrummy footies turned out to be enough yarn to make a pair of full-fledge socks, with just a smidge left over, enough to vex me into thinking I should keep it.

A Bit Of the Warm-Fuzzies
A couple years ago, the knitting community so generously sponsored Jen and I for the Revlon Run Walk LA, that when I happened upon one of my favorite reads, Noolie Knits doing something similar, I just had to sponsor her, and I encourage you to do the same. She’s holding a contest as an added incentive. She even created a nifty button you can put on your blog to direct others there.

And I leave you with this:

Socks Against Swineobyl.

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