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I bet you all almost forgot that this is supposed to be a fiber blog. I know I almost did. Well surprise, yes I do, and yes this is…no shit. And furthermore? I have knit stuff today. Inconceivable, I know! Well, stranger things have happened. Off the top of my head I can’t really think of what, but I’m sure somehow, somewhere they have.

Yes, I admit, I have been remiss. But seriously, how many of you want to see pictures of a still-not-done Peacock Feathers Shawl, or how about my In-Time-Out Seraphim? Bleh…Boring! Instead, I’ve Effed an Oh, wanna see?
Lace Socks
Yup, socks.

Pattern: Lizzie’s Lacy Rib Socks by Pumpkin’s person, FKD, cuff-down, with modified heel and toe to suit my lazy ass.
Yarn:2 balls of KP’s Palette in Blue (trying to use up my stash of that crap. Unfortunately I have enough left over for a couple pairs of baby booties. Will I NEVER be rid of this shit?)
Gauge: Whatever on US Size 1 DPNs.

I liked this pattern. The clear instructions were very easy to follow and a lot less boring than some. Of course, this was my first time doing sock lace knitting, but still, since I did these both at the same time, they seemed to practically fly.

At first I did the heel as written, but when I got done, the heel looked WAAAY disporportionate to the rest of the sock. Now, it could have been because this was the first time I ever did a short row YO heel, or it could have been that I misunderstood the instructions (definitely would NOT be the first time), but the extra rows before, and the gusset afterwards made the heel look much bigger and deeper than I thought it should be. Besides, the person for whom I’m knitting these socks has an extremely narrow heel. So I ripped and did a plain short row YO heel, which looked much better. I also replaced the Special K toe with a French Toe….because I don’t LIKE doing Special K, that’s why.

All in all, they turned out beautiful. I highly recommend the pattern

God, I love texture!

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