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Unfortunately I don’t have a surplus of time today. I’m taking a mini-vacation at the end of the week (giving myself a 4-day weekend), to go play with my family in Laughlin, NV, and celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday, so I’ve got some getting-ahead to get done.

But I can’t help but sit here in awe at the things we do for those we really, truly love. Love got Jen to knit cotton until her fingers bled and her shoulderblades popped out of her back, and it got me doing the “C” word. No not THAT C-word! Man, you all are bad! No, the other C-word; the C-word I swore never in my life to do because it was lame and tedious with all the cutting and glueing and cropping and the little fiddly bits of stuff getting everywhere. Yup, you guessed it: CRAPbooking. Unfortunately for me, all the other women in my family crapbook, so they got this brilliant effing idea to put one together for my dad, asking everyone to contribute pages, to commemorate this milestone birthday. I did 4 pages, and I’m rather proud of them. Hell I even included a sappy little poem I wrote him. Even so, that’s all we’re ever going to say about this subject. Let’s never mention it again…

Instead, let’s talk about dyeing, a subject I am MUCH more fond of, and one that doesn’t make the vein in my head pop out, and make me sit there muttering buh-buh-buh-buh. Yes this weekend I indulged in color therapy to help wipe the bad taste out of my mouth left by all those bits of paper I had to pick up after the above mentioned, never to mention again LABOR of love.

First, I dyed some yarn to match two of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in nature. Using craptasticular (but that’s a story better saved for a Thursday) Knitpicks Bare – Peruvian Fingering Weight, Prochemical Washfast Acid Dyes and RIT dye, I finally dyed my yarn for 2 pairs of Jen’s Cat Face Lace Socks (link to follow shortly).

The Yarn:
Sassy Yarn
The Inspiration:

The Yarn:
Moze Yarn
The Inspiration:

I guess I went a little crazy with the pink. I’m calling it Moze a la Chanel, but on second glance, maybe I should just call it Good ‘n Plenty, chuck it in the “contest yarn bin” and try again! Third time’s a charm! Again, a tale best left for a Thursday post…

Last, I have a knitterly/bloggerly friend who has a birthday coming up so I tried playing with color and the best-ever to-DYE-for-yarn, Henry’s Attic Kona Superwash. My recommendation? Never EVER settle for anything less!

The results:
Birfday Yarn

Isn’t it cool what a difference in appearance reskanking makes?

Birfday 2

What should I call it? Any ideas?

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