The Eyes Have It!

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This is a relatively picture-heavy post that has nothing to do with knitting. You have been warned…

But first, to all you Rhinebeck attendees…or should I say Whinebeckians, heretofore referred to as ‘Beckees?…BLOW ME!

Oh, and just between you and me? Rhinebeck Bingo? Fucking brilliant! Wish I had thought of that!

eye candy
How’s THAT for Eye Candy Friday? Okay, okay, I’m sure you’ve seen those elsewhere around blogland, but, did they use theirs as part of wedding decor? Huh? Didn’t think so! The sad thing is, I can’t take credit for using those, even though I would like to. Nope, that bit of brilliance was all the DH’s doing!

Which brings me to “The Wedding Report” I know you all have been waiting with baited breath, (yeah, sure) all week so…

Here’s where the bride and groom did it. The ceremony was all of about 20 minutes long, but it was as beautiful as it was short. You can barely see it, but there are a pair of eyes by the unity candle on the far right side of the table.

The wedding party at the head table, which my MIL decorated. The beautiful young lady in the burgundy gown is my new step-neice, Kelsie, with whom I had the pleasure to hang all day on Saturday after the wedding. We decided to TP the newlywed’s bedroom and write welcoming messages on all their mirrors. I totally forgot how much fun 12 year olds can be, but, MAN can they giggle! Sheesh!

And just how gorgeous is that bride? Can’t even tell that she’s 4+ months pregnant, can you. Bitch! If she wasn’t so sweet and if I didn’t like her so much I’d have to hate her.

close-up back side

Here’s a close-up of some of the “seasonals” we surreptitious included in the decor, along with the bride & grooms view. You know, it’s often good to be married to an artist. They have such an eye for detail, you know?

Eh, stop your groaning!

pumpkin candle center piece

Isn’t that pumpkin candle the sweetest? I didn’t care if “pumpkin” wasn’t an approved color, I just HAD to include those candles! I’m very happy with the way the guest table centerpieces turned out. Thanks to my SIL Cathy, the decorating was done in record time. I couldn’t have done it without her. BTW, Cathy’s hubby, is in the wedding party photo. He’s the one to the left of the bride holding the microphone.

cake table
That cake was SO yummy! I love the fact that the bride chose flowers to top the cake with. But never fear. Look to the right of the cake, see that? Here’s a close-up of it

Thank you all for helping me choose. That little piece of whimsey was the hit of the party…well, besides the hubby’s eyeballs, which I must say, aren’t half bad tasting. And their squishy and chewy, so it really grosses people out.

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