A Little Dog Tale

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Once upon a time there was a middle-aged woman who one day lost her best 4-legged friend to cancer. And even though she healed with time, the loss of her beloved companion left a small empty space in her heart. She believed that when the time was right, her angel cat would send her another companion to fill the empty spaces that his passing left. So the woman waited.

Every couple of weeks he would sent her a cat-o-gram in the form of one cat or another. They would just show up at her doorstep, rub up against her ankles, demanded pats, purr and rolley-poley her, then leave. It was obvious that these cats belonged to one neighbor or another, many of them having collars and tags, and were all obviously well-fed and groomed. It was as if her little feline angel was saying. “No, not this one, but I haven’t forgotten you. Just wait, you’ll see.” So the woman waited.

Even though the cat-o-grams stopped coming…
she waited.
Even though she constantly read when other people found new adorable companions…
she waited.
Even though the loneliness grew…
she waited.
Because that’s how strong the bond was between them.

Then one Saturday morning the woman snuck away from home to do a little covert Christmas shopping for her husband. While she was out, she decided to stop in at Petsmart to make an appointment with the groomer for her husband’s dog, who was, without going in to detail, in dire need of a bath and a good brushing.

As she walked up she noticed that they were having a pet adoption. They were all dogs from several of the local animal shelters (County dog pounds). Never being one to miss an opportunity to give pats to dogs, especially Pound Dogs, the woman starts making her rounds until she meets Chester.


Who was all sorts of friendly and adorable. He met all her criteria too: Under 2 years old; submissive male; happy, carefree, friendly personality, all so that he could more easily integrate with the rest of the family which included 1 dumb dominant male dog and 1 crotchety old female cat. Oh, yeah, he had to be short-haired and small too.

So the woman snapped his picture with her digital camera and rushed home to show her husband and take him (who, like a petulant child, dragged his feet as long as he could), and his dog back with her so that they could meet this wonderful dog. Unfortunately (for the woman, but not for Chester), by the time they returned he had already been adopted.

A bit crestfallen, but not thwarted, the woman started looking around at the other dogs. As she was scanning the cages, a bit of movement in the very back caught her eye. She looked up, and staring her right in the eyes as if to say ‘yup, you’re gonna be my new person’, ears perked up in attention, wagging it’s sweepy tail with all it’s might, was a bit of wee blond fluff. It was love at first sight, and again, she was the one who was chosen.


Okay, so the story format is a little corny, a little twee, but that’s how it happened. That’s how I got the best Christmas present I could have ever wished for, and I got her a week early. And you who are scoffing at the whole “kismet” feeling of the story check this out:

~~Petsmart usually hold their pet adoptions on Sundays, not Saturdays. This was a special engagement, including a shelter that they don’t usually include, which just so happens to be the shelter that Trixie was from.
~~The groomer we used to take Saber to very recently stopped grooming dogs on the weekends, forcing me to reluctantly find another groomer.
~~I didn’t even know there WAS a Petsmart so close to me until 2 weeks ago when I went to the newly revamped Whitwood Mall now known as “Whitwood Town Center” in search of a Cost Plus World Market and some Turkish Delights, and just happened to see it as I passed.
~~I’ve been having serious pussy envy, namely Marlow and Mayhem. Okay, that really doesn’t have much to do with Kismet, I just thought I’d throw it in.

So, ready to meet the new poochie? She’s 6 month old; part Pomeranian, part who the hell knows; and totally devoted.


And did I mention adorable? How about well-behaved, smart, laid-back and loving?

Trixie face

I named her Trixie; she’s petite, blonde, and spunky, taking only so much shit off the big dumb drool factory. Now he’s her protector.

You know, I never DID get to Mervyns to get the DH’s Christmas present.

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