Beauty and the Beast

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The Beauty:

Pattern:Hedera from Knitty
Yarn: Two 50-gm balls of Idena Bambino Ull Superwash
Needles: Brittany US Size 1 DPNs
Mods: Only 1. The toe. One day I’m sure I’ll revisit the Bitchener Stitch, but that day is not today. Instead I opted for a simple round toe, and I’m happy with it.

I absolutely LOVED this pattern. The lace, while engaging, was simple and intuitive enough that even a knitter with many distractions could knit these with ease

Unless she had knitters ADD, and has just picked up the socks again after a few weeks of hiatus because said knitter had to steal the needles to meet a deadline for pair of uber-ugly garterstitch Udones (ooh-DON-ays).

AND unless said knitter has just so happened to pick up to knit said socks during her ASK gathering where she ran her mouth incessantly and indulged in other activities of dorkdom…yeah, then said knitter could fuck them up royally!

In short, I would knit these socks again in a heartbeat (and probably will). The pattern was well-written and easy to understand. Hell, I was done knitting the socks before I knew I was done knitting the socks! The yarn, though an off-brand, was very soft and sproingy. I especially enjoyed watching the colors flash around as I knit. These socks turned out beautiful, and if I hadn’t made these for a larger foot, I’d be tempted to keep them for myself.

The Beast
If you have a gentle constitution or are easily frightened, do not, under any circumstance whatsoever, look behind the jump.

Last chance to turn back…

Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Oh the horror!

The unadulterated carnage!

Granted, this isn’t as traumatic as what Jen went through a while back, but it’s no picnic either.
Who could have ever committed such a cruel senseless act of violence?


Yup. The bitch formerly known as Trixie, THAT’S who.

She’s lucky she’s so fucking cute.

Somehow I don’t think “because my dog chewed my needles” is an acceptable reason for warranty-protected replacement.


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