Menace to Technology*

That’s gonna be the name of my band. But it’d have to be an all-acoustic band, and the lead singer would have to have some amazing pipes because I couldn’t have anything miked. Or maybe no vocals at all, just instrumental. But strings break, horns need oiling or they’ll corrode, reeds split, and they all need tuning. Maybe it’ll just be a percussion band. But then, you can put a foot through a drum, can’t ya. How about a hand-clapping, foot-stomping and kazoo-playing band? Whaddaya mean it’s already been done?

Because I AM a menace to technology. 4 weeks ago I broke my car, and it took them 2 weeks and $$$ for them to fix it right. 2 Weeks ago I broke my itunes. Last week I killed not one, but two computers. First I fried my hard drive on my work computer, then, when I brought in my home computer to replace my work computer while it was in the shop, found out the power supply had gone bad. When it worked just fine the night before. Funny, I don’t remember pissing off any Technomages.


I am Schleprock.

Finally, last Thursday I maimed the copier. It just, out of the blue, stopped feeding paper, and would show that it was jammed, even though there was no paper in it. Then, 2 hours later, all of a sudden it started working properly. I was hesitant to begin to think that my curse might be lifting, and a call on Friday from the tech repairing my computer confirmed that I was right in delaying my celebration. He had tried everything, but he just couldn’t retrieve any of the data I had on my fried harddrive, and that he feared all was lost.

So today the tech calls me and tells me that the computer hard drive WAS fried as I suspected, but he was miraculously able to retrieve all of the data, was in the process of backing it up so he could copy it onto the new hard drive that he was installing and the computer would be ready for pick up by the end of the day, and it’ll only cost $ instead of $$$ he had first anticipated.

I’m still loathed to be hopeful. Can I just go back to bed until this techno-jinx passes?

*I can’t take credit for today’s title. That’s all Jen’s doing. And the band idea was hers too. Yeah, I stole her shit, but at least I’m giving her credit…

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