About a Boy

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When does Sunday morning find you up and out of bed, dressed in something other than jammies or sweats and freezing your ass off in the 7:30 am June gloom drizzle? What draws you there, wearing pinchy heels, and forces … Continued

Eye-Catching Candy Friday

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The Bromolow House, built in 1907 …and the awesome house I grew up in. This year it turned 100 and celebrated by being the featured home on the Tour of Historical Homes during the Highland (CA) Citrus Harvest Festival which … Continued


My animals are trying to kill me. I swear! No, I’m not making this up and I am NOT being paranoid. This is not the usual stand at/near/between/behind my feet sort of pet behavior. Nosirree purl. No. I’m talking sudden … Continued

My Own Private Eye-(da-ho) Candy Friday

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Peek-a-BOO! (Man I’ve got some big hands…I’m gonna be a classical pianist just like my Oma La!) Warning! Doting Oma was here and she had a shitload of pictures! This will be your only warning. Proceed at your own risk. … Continued