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When does Sunday morning find you up and out of bed, dressed in something other than jammies or sweats and freezing your ass off in the 7:30 am June gloom drizzle?

Graduation Day

What draws you there, wearing pinchy heels, and forces you to hike what seems like miles of asphault and concrete and then plod through grass and dirt? And what keeps you there for 6 hours, being elbowed and poked and jostled and sardined by relatives and close friends of over 9,000 students, even though you have an ASK gathering that you so very desperately want to go to? Two words…

A Boy…
…(And your love for that boy)…and his college graduation.

Proud Parents
Congratulations Tony on your BS in Geology! I couldn’t be prouder.

Just call me Misty McSquinterson. And, no! Those are not tears, I had something in my eye, I swear! Shaddup

If you want to check out the rest of the pictures (and unless you’re family or REALLY good friends, I really don’t see why you would want to) go here. And if you’re REALLY bored, you can watch the entire All-University Graduation here or here. But, seriously, if you’re THAT bored, you should take up a hobby…like knitting or blogging or something.

Speaking of hobbies…has anyone seen this newest picture of Cara?

I have a bad feeling about this!

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