My Own Private Eye-(da-ho) Candy Friday

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Marina Peep
(Man I’ve got some big hands…I’m gonna be a classical pianist just like my Oma La!)

Doting Oma was here and she had a shitload of pictures!
This will be your only warning.
Proceed at your own risk.


Wanna know what’s scary? Her great-grandmother on her mother’s father’s side often gives her son that same look when he’s being particularly assy. (Either that or she’s got gas)

2 princesses little princess

Not the ears, Ma! Anything but the ears! They’re so GOOFY!
How come YOU get to be the princess??


Taking a Moment
You may THINK the look on my face means that I’m listening, but in all actuality I’m just working up a good poo

Hey There!
Hiya! Can we talk? Between you and me, I really need to go meet Oma and Pappi. I hear that in some circles they’re called Cha-ching!


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