Before the Parade Passes By…

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And here I bet you thought last week was it, huh? Wrong!

Another Effed-Oh!
Stats: Felted Roman Socks aka Udones
Pattern: Plain toe-up (Turkish cast-on) in garter stitch; 60% heel
Yarn: 4 (KFYS) Balls [50gm/231 yds. each] Knitpicks Palette in Nutmeg; Doubled
Needles: US Size 4 [3.50 mm] bamboo DPN

Today’s Lesson
Felting is Forgiving

What’s wrong with this picture?

Because of the perspective (read shitty photo skillz) it’s difficult to tell, but if you guessed that the sock on the right is at least 10% bigger than the other one, you’re right! I took careful notes when knitting the first one, and followed those notes to the letter for the second. That leaves just one possibility: Tension. Basically, my attitude towards these socks came out in my knitting, meaning Meh, boring-squared… WONDERFUL!

You will also notice that there are the heel-turn-meets-instep holes that usually drive me absolutely batshit, so much so that if and when they appear, you can usually find me tugging on the stitches around it to make it disappear. Yup, the felting took care of that too!

Actually, because the yarn was doubled and I was knitting them on size 4s instead of size 1s they did knit up MUCH quicker than the last pair. But all in all it was still a slog, and I’ll be taking a slight break from garterstitch udones just so I don’t get totally burned out and end up hating thus swearing off them forever (like I did mohair, for which I’m about to get served a meal of my own words with a side of crow…).

Size Matters
Pre-felted sock; sandal (btw which I LOVE) included for scale

Today’s Alternate Lesson:
Cheap & Shitty does not easy felting make…

Yeah, it took 2.5 trips through the washer to get these puppies to felt down to the correct size. I had initially intended to hand-felt them, but after 15 minutes of working with them with nothing to show for it except steam-reddened, cramped hands and 2 very wet, soapy socks I said screw this, and chucked them into the washer. BTW, all the .5 in the 2.5 trips just means I sent the over-sized sock through a third time. Just another screaming example of “you get what you pay for”. You’d have thought I’d learn that one by now!

Even after all this whining and complaining I am quite happy with the way the finished product looks, and so was the recipient. The toe-up in Turkish and Magic Cast-ons are soon becoming my favorite Bitchener Stitch avoidance technique, and makes perfect sense when you’re making socks with a rolled cuff. I LOVE how the 60% heel, when felted, becomes more of a heel cup, which works out great for guys who will be sporting these in the oh-so-fashionable socks-and-sandals-with short skirts look, especially when the sandals or calcei are hand-made out of leather and whose soles are embedded with hobnails, giving added protection against wear and tear due to rigorous marching and hiking that would shred average hand-knit socks.


In celebration of the success of my first ever felted socks, I went out and bought several sets of these little beauties…and you should too. At those prices (she should easily be charging more), how could you pass them up? AND they’re hand-crafted by Sarkasmo. Well, what are you waiting for?

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