You only have yourselves to blame

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You were cautioned you the day before yesterday, so if you’ve fainted from utter amazement and disbelief, it’s your own damned fault, cuz, guess what kids?
Kitty Pi
That’s right, we’ve got another Effed Oh!

Pattern: Kitty Pi from Wendy Knits
Yarn: 10 balls total [60 yds per] Elann Peruvian Pure New Wool;
8 balls Raspberry, 2 balls Navy

Needles: US Size 13 [9 mm] Denise Interchangeables, various lengths
Mods/Comments: I wanted the project to be a source of stash suckage, so I doubled the yarn (initially I spelled that y-e-a-r-n) and took the needle size up to 13s. Otherwise, except for one other rather obvious modification*, I followed the pattern exactly. This knit up faster than I expected, only requiring a few Tivo’d episodes of Voyager.

The doubling of the yarn and the second wash made for a wonderfully thick, less floopy fabric. At the last minute I panicked, thinking I may not have the right sized and shaped form over which to block the bed, but after much searching (and crawling around on hand-and-knees in the cupboard under the stairs), I found the perfect thing: one of my dyepots, inverted.

Prefelt Post-felt Racking

I like the fact that it turned out with decently-high sides, and is more bowl than platter-shaped. So, do you think Sassy uses it? Uh…
Boxed Pussy
The Cube of Fortification

Yeah. That would be a resounding no. She sniffed in its general direction once, then promptly turned her tail up at it. Since she LOVES sleeping atop my recently worn PJs and yoga capris (aka fat pants) I stuffed some in the bed, to no avail. Next, I think I’ll stuff it into the clothes hamper and leave it there for a week. Then see what happens. Any suggestions? If she STILL shuns it, I may just give it to that well-deserving bit of fluff, Ike, or Sassy will contest it off. We shall see.

*The complete and utter absence of anything fun-fur,
or anything fun-fur like,
or anything thinking about being fun-fur,
or anything contemplating aspirations to maybe one day possibly remotely resemble fun-fur…


And some cheesecake for Chaos
Slut Puppy
Sassy Belly Moze Tummy

See? Even Momoze got in on the action! And here’s yet another!

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