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I’ll just be under the bed if anyone need me, mkay?

Thank you, everyone, for you thoughtful words of encouragement and comfort regarding Sassy. Let me tell ya, today I’m feeling a million times the fool for getting all worked up and weepy and melodramatic over something that’s not surprising in a cat Sassy’s age. In my defense, she was exhibiting the same behavior Momoze did when it came to the end for him. Can I just say that it totally sucks when refusing food could mean either “Bleh, that tastes like ass” or “Oooo… Its the Big One… You hear that Elizabeth… I’m comin’ to you” or anywhere in between. The exact minute I knew Sassy was going to rally? Sunday morning: 8:11 am when I awoke to her black little velvety nose pressed to mine and her insistently meowed demand for her breakfast. BTW? Cat breath? NOT the first thing you wanna smell in the morning.

So, Sassy’s more like her old self again, with a few exceptions: a new feathers-on-a-stick batting toy (she plays more with the “holding” end more than the feathered end, figures); 2 new water dishes, and a cabinet devoid of Temptations, her favorite treats. Now I’m on the look-out for some sort of low-protein, great tasting kitty treat. Something tells me you all are gonna say, “Yeah, good luck with that!” Somehow I think that’s some elusive, mythical entity, but if any of you actually KNOW of any, sound off please. This contrary, cranky, cantankerous cat LIVES for her morning ration (2) of treats. Well, that and her jungle kitty sessions (which includes an all-you-can-eat salad bar) out in the front courtyard.

I’m feeling better Ma, thanks! Now tell the dog to get his nose outta my ass!

Countdown To the End of La’s KFYS Challenge
She’s a-fini!

So, all you fellow KFYS challengers with the 6-month time limit how’d you do? Are you all wondering about me? Well, of course you are. I did manage to go 6 months without buying yarn EXCEPT for exception 2b:

If I am knitting something and run out of yarn, I may purchase only enough to complete the project. I will fully disclose the pattern, yarn I intend to use, and amount I have on hand BEFORE I begin said project.

I ended up having to buy 2 more skeins of Caron Simply Soft for the edging of the baby blanket, whose yarn, because it was already under way before I started the challenge, was not counted as Stash, so I think that makes it a moot point.

I did NOT invoke the use of my GOOjF card, nor did I buy any more dyeing blanks, which surprised even me. I did however receive gifts of yarn, but I usually reciprocated, and there was one instance where I did a swap.

All in all, I think I can say that I met the challenge head-on, and came out victorious. In regards to my second goal: Knitting up 10% of my stash, I know at least ONE person’s yarn-purchasing fate lies in the palm of my hand, so let’s break it down, shall we?

This yarn

Became these

Garterstitch & Felted Garterstitch Udones

This yarn

Knitted up nicely into

Hedera Socks, women’s size 9

This sage-colored skein

Turned into

Teashirt Cozy

10 balls of the pink yarn and 2 balls of the blue yarn

Felted up nicely, (if only she’d use the damned thing!)

Felted Kitty Pi Cat Bed

And One For the Dyeing

Dyed up nicely into 4 skanks of

JenLa colorway
2 were sent to Jen, and I gifted out the other 2.

Only the above yarns count towards my 10% stash yarn knitted goal, but I also was able to reduce my stash further:
Gifts and Trades

All Gone!

Final Stash Inventory Spread Sheet

Total number of balls in stash: 195
Total yardage of stash: 35,575.75 Nicole, I’m right there with ya!)

Total number of balls knitted: 21
Total yardage knitted: 4,891

So, yes, barely, by the skin of my teeth, I made my secondary goal of 10% of my stash knitted.

So, what yarn am I gonna get now that my challenge is over? None. Isn’t that ironic? Forcing myself to evaluate and use my stash yarn, I have a queue of about 6 or 7 projects all using stash yarn. Yeah, but that didn’t stop me from walking away from yesterday’s swap with some new acquisitions, but that’s a picture-heavy post for another day.

So, no yarn purchases on the horizon, BUT I now have a new collection/obsession: books. I want this one and this one and #1 and #4 (I already have 2 & 3). Right. Now.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m hopeless.

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