The FO That Almost Wasn’t

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Having been blocked the afternoon before, it was supposed to occur Sunday, sometime between the scheduled afternoon nap and dinner. But Saturday morning the DH killed the vacuum cleaner. Killed it. Dead. As in one minute he’s vacuuming his little heart out, and then next minute the machine sputters and gives up the ghost in a final clank and wisp of smoke. Dead. Well, it wasn’t unexpected, I’m sure the thing was older than me, and secretly I was glad. I HATED that vacuum so much, ALMOST as much as red-heart yarn. Stupid old, over- repaired- held- together- by- duct-tape- because- FIL- and- DH- can’t- manage- to- throw- anything- away, ugly electrolux canister vac.

So Sunday found us making the rounds to get another vacuum, and came home with this hot little number…
The Dyson DC21 Stow-away Hepa Canister Vac
Marina’s College Fund

Wha? It was only $1 more than the Electrolux (ElectroSUCKS?) the DH was looking at.

So, to make a long story short (too late!), I ran out of time. No worries. I figured I’ll just finish it up when I get to work. Monday mornings are usually slow and uneventful. Yeah, USUALLY. Not so THIS particular Monday. Thank gawd Jen had something interesting to post about, otherwise I’m afraid if left to me, you all might have been subjected to another puzzle or meme or worthless quiz result that nobody gives a rat’s ass about. Jen instinctively bought me some time so I could go home after a day from hell, finish up, photograph and have a beautiful new FO to share with you all today.

Last night, while dinner was marinating, I was all set. Bits of yarn on the arm of the couch, crochet hook in my hand, a pile of wool in my lap, and Tivo’d STNG on the boob tube. For about 10 minutes I’m trucking right along…and then the phone rings. Fucking Mercury retrograde! The DH, on his way home from work killed his truck. Killed it. Dead. No tell-tale clanking, no death spasm, no indication whatsoever that it was sick. He was driving along, minding his own business, and out of nowhere, his dash lit up like a Christmas tree, and then nothing. The truck done died.

2 calls to the towing company, putting dinner on hold, throwing the dogs outside for a pee, throwing food at the cat, run out the door wondering why there is no Trixie whining to come with only to realize I had left them outside, letting the dogs back in, then a mad dash to the dealership via the gas station because I was running on fumes, which got us back home and eating almost warmed-over dinner at 9:45. But that’s not the stink of it.

Okay. Now, you see the part where I let the dogs back in? Yeah, you don’t see anywhere in that list “put knitting away” do you? The good news is that she didn’t get ahold of anything yarny or knit. Nope, she went right for my beautiful Brittany birch turned-handle crochet hook. Bitch!

So, STILL no FO, and now the DH isn’t allowed to touch anything technical or mechanical or electronic until the stars realign, which suits him just fine. And today’s work-load has been just as heavy as yesterday’s but I set aside my lunch hour for knitting, and even though there was a conspiracy between my clients’ clients and the phone company (AND my mother, apparently) to keep me from getting all my knots tied, and this post written, I will not be swayed, dammit!

Stats: Faina’s Scarf by Faina M. Letoutchaia
Yarn: 4.75 balls Elann Peruvian Collection Baby Silk, fingering weight
Faina Yarn

Needles: US Size 4 [3.5 mm]
Gauge: yeah, got it
Started: February 14, 2007
Finished: July 24, 2007
Mods/Notes: Not a single modification to be had. The charts were easy to read; and though the pattern was complicated enough to make it so I couldn’t memorize it, it was an extremely enjoyable knit. Though, in the middle, the part where you repeat Chart B a gagillion times, it seemed to be almost as endless as the edging on my last baby blanket, when the end came, it came quick. And even though I lean more towards curvier, flowing lace, I found the geometric symmetry of Faina very satisfying. While knitting, I was considering gifting this to my SIL, Donna, but I’m seriously reconsidering. I may just have to keep this little beauty all to myself.

And don’t get me started on the Babycrack…errr, I mean silk…baby SILK! LOVE the stuff. I want to go buy it all and have it come live with me where it’ll be happy and be my personal petting yarn.

Update on the Truck Well, it’s not dead. It was the fuel pump..which is located IN the gas tank…An $85 part which will take 111 hours to replace. AND, come to find out, the tow company, while cinching up the chains did some damage to the rear axle. LOVELY! So, I guess we’ll be calling that Marina’s SECOND college fund…


All those yarn dollars just pissed away. It’s enough to make you cry, I tell ya.

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