A quicky (hopefully) catch-up.

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Damn Here’s hoping…

What I Did on My Summer Vacation – The Condensed Version
(Because I’m Afraid That SuckASSho(le)st and All Things Sucky Regarding Computers, Internets, Software, Technology and Stuff in General That Breaks Our Shit and Makes My Head Explode Will Do Just That The Minute I Click “Publish”.

~Vacation Knitting~
Morning Glories Begun

Not as much progress as I would have liked, due to the uber-concentration necessary to follow etch-a-sketch charts and the presence of a multitude of distractions…


~Distractions from Knitting~

Denver Skyrock
Colorado Sky & Colorado Rocks

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre & Our Rockstar

Opera Star
Opera Star (the pretty one in the center, of course…)

mountainshops river
Breathtaking Scenery and Wild Beer-makings (hops)

Wild Beer Makers!

Bare Nekkid Lady

See, with all that it’s a wonder I got any knitting done at all. You should be amazed that I got as far as I did!

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