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The Great South Denver Yarn Crawl of Aught-Seven

DANGER! Lengthy, picture-heavy post to follow. This will be your only warning

As Ruth and I were departing for destinations wooly, the DH asked his usual (assish) question, “So, when will you be home?” As I viewed the cargo capacity of the
Hoopty, I was sorely tempted to respond impudently “uh…sometime next week?” (cuz, see…home was actually in CA and not in CO at all…anyways…) Instead, I muttered some sort of approximation later on in the day too wrapped up in the fantasy of filling the van to capacity with yarn, books, and all things fibery to really give a rat’s ass…

Cargo Room

We met up with the majority of our compatriots at our first stop, where the unthinkable happened: I bought absolutely nothing, but not for lack of wanting. In my opinion, the store was organized poorly, with a plethora of novelty and fun fur. Besides, they were snotty to Ruth on the phone when she tried to arrange small discounts. I started to feel guilty that we were standing around in their space and using their air, but I got over it.
So then it was on to A Knitted Peace.

Peace-InA Knitted Peace
Heaven in a LYS

Where they treated us like royalty. They had fresh coffee a-brewing, which they served up and BROUGHT TO US!!! I’m sure they locked their doors behind us, brought out their best yarns, buttons, notions and books exclusively for us. The ladies were engaging, willing to help, chatty, considerate and really REALLY nice. They had several knitting areas, all with kitzchy-you’d-only-find-in-a-craft-store-but-so-non-tacky comfy seating. I wanted to move in. Instead I scored!

Treasury baby knits Red Rock

2 of the 3 MUST HAVE! books and some beautiful local yarn
(not going to go into detail, but you can click the pic to embiggen and get details)

I also bought 2 balls of Plymouth wool/asscrylic blend in a pretty sage colorway for my Colorado SIL who, up until I got my hands on her, was crocheting baby blankets for preemies with *shudder* red heart. Put a stop to THAT right away, let me tell you! She accused me of turning her into a yarn snob. Oh well. The burden one must bear to make the world a better fibery place.

We took a break and lunched at Chammps, where we met up with Blogless Rachel (need to do something about that) and there was much food and likker and laughter (mainly at the expense of MEHn) to be had. Taking one for the team has a whole new meaning now!

On the way to our next stop, we passed points of interest…

Jackass Hill
…for example

We arrived at Colorful Yarns, where Wandawoman joined us! This was a small, but delightful shop on the ground floor of an office building. They had yummy homemade brownies and ginger cookies set up in the back just for us! Mmmm, chocolate and ginger…2 of my favorites! I walked out of there a good pound heavier, both from the brownie I ate, and the yarn I scored.

Blackberry Ridge - Handpainted Lonesome Stone
Pretty in Pink
(again, click to embiggen and get details)


Our last stop was String where the owner was having a 50% off everything blue (except the books) in celebration of the birth of her grandson! So, I bought blue…

…and Marly fell in love
can I has tribbles?

The Whack
The Whack
From left to right:
Marly aka Smiley
Ruth aka Wheels
Rachel aka The Hooker (she crochets)
Wandawoman aka…well, Wandawoman
me and my sensible shoes
Imbrium aka G33k Girl;
and Leslie aka Nekkid Needles

It was the perfect day, and one never to be forgotten, mainly due to the company and conversation of the 6 totally fiber-whacked wonderful women, but partly to the Hoopty’s impeccable timing…
Perfect Ending


This post was brought to you by the numbers 13 and 42 and the word UPGRADE. As in we did, finally…upgrade. Let us know if you’re still having issues…TECHNICAL issues, like with commenting and the like. Well, let Jen know, I’m still a techtard.

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