Mama’s Got A Brand new Bag

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 For the respectable bag ho…
New Bag

Back in February Stein Mart opened a new store in our town. Never one to miss the opportunity to check out new retail possibilities I went to their grand-opening, which just so happened to be the weekend of my mom’s birthday. Though not as impressed with the store as I would have liked, I did find the perfect gift combination; a marvelous bath collection in her favorite scent, beautifully packaged in the exact color scheme of her bath.

Now, fast-forward to 2 weeks ago. I’m visiting with my mom, and as we’re chatting I looked up and spied this darling little peaches-and-cream tote. I asked her where she got it so that I could go and get a similar one for myself. She just started laughing…“YOU gave me that!”
“Huh. I did?”
“Yes. That’s the bag that came with that amazing bath stuff you gave me for my birthday, remember?”
Ha! No WONDER I was drawn to that set.

So she just gave it to me…”I’ve never used it. It’s too open for my liking. I like bags you can close” And that’s how I scored THAT little number. Sweet!

Now it’s a knitting bag. Well, it’s more a keep-all-my-shit-for-this-new-design-in-one-location-otherwise-if-I-lose-one-more-thing-my-head-will-explode bag.

Wanna a little peek?

Thoroughly riveting isn’t it?

DH – What’s that?
La – A new baby blanket design I’m working on.
DH – What’s it gonna look like when it’s done?
La – Hopefully a square that doesn’t resemble the other square I designed 2 years ago.
DH(Looks thoughtfully at small square) What happens when you run out of sticks?
La(blink…blink…blink) Uh, well, when it gets big enough, I’ll transfer it onto circular needles.
DH – But then it won’t be a square anymore!

You know, some days I think he totally gets it… other days, not so much.

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