Uh, what was that? Where’s Morning Glories? Uh…yeah…well, about that. She’s in the time-out closet. No, she’s not on restriction, no I’m not angry with her. I’ve just been overtaken by obsession lately. Well, okay, obsession’s not quite the word for it, but it’s a lot easier than typing OMG, these designs are making me crazy! With all their not-quite-rightedness, and their constant need of debugging tweekage….so I’m ignoring everything else, and the only reason MG sits in the time-out closet is that her bag has no zippability thus requiring stashage – away from a little needle-chomping Dizzy Blonde. sheesh! And WAAAAH! the yarn I’m using hurts my hands after a while, but that’s beside the point (and whiney). So, to make things easier, and this post WAAAY shorter (too late?), let’s just say I’ve been obsessed by design lately. Want a peek?

blanket close

Charts are 90% done, long-hand instructions are about 65% done, I’m even test-driving a name that I’m not entirely hating. My math’s been checked (thank you Ava), I’ve got my test-knitter lined up, and I’ve wasted as much time knitting the prototype as I’m gonna with sCRAP yarn. So now it’s time to suck it up, put on my big girl pants and knit it fer reals.

Also I’ve been working on a scarf pattern for a friend to offer up as a thank-you for a fund-raiser. More on that once the pattern’s in her hands, which should be some time next week. Much to my embarrassment, this design has taken me much longer to work out that it should have. Either I’m WAY too much a perfectionist with my own shit, or I just didn’t think things all the way through, but DAMN, it seemed like every time I picked it up, there was one issue or another. I think I have it now, of course I just jinxed it, so I’m sure there will be yet one more bug to, uh…debug. yeah

cat face lace

If you’re thinking that looks somewhat familiar, you’d be right. Jen let me use her adorable cat’s face lace pattern from her socks of the same name. Speaking of which…I need to queue up 2 pairs of those socks!

Speaking of adorable cat faces, you can’t see it here…

New neighbor


…but trust me, this little guy’s got one! One Saturday as I was walking the dogs, he followed me home, sauntered right up to the front door, and commenced to yowl something fierce when I put the front door between us. After I reassured Sassy that my Queen Cat Covenant still stands (when Momoze died I promised her that I wouldn’t get another indoor cat while she still lived), I spent some time in the front courtyard with this sweet little guy (whose purring rattled the windows), After about 20 minutes of heavy petting he decided that he’d visited long enough, went on his merry way. Later that day I saw him down the block (spelled that b l o g) hanging out with some kids playing beach volleyball, where one of the boys scooped him up and took him home. I was so afraid that someone just dumped him in our neighborhood, I am so glad that’s not the case, and a little disappointed cuz a teeny tiny part of me wants to steal him, but not enough to upset the delicate equilibrium that is my household. Besides, I can’t really afford a divorce right now, you know? At least he still comes around for pats and scritching every once in a while. Hmmmm. I wonder…do you think the tuna might have something to do with that?

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