Saturday In The Park

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Happy Birthday Debi! Hope all your wishes come true. Many happy returns!


While everybody and their friend, and their friend’s sister, and their sister’s cousin, once removed, were off Harlotting here in LA, Clan Fickle and I were all about the Lobster.

There were boats…
Lane Victory
The Lane Victory on her return trip from Catalina Island Michelle has more boat pictures here.

and where you have boats, you have pirates…

Hollywood pirates…
From Left to Right: Treva Etienne (aka Hottie MacHotterson), Fickleknitter, Mr. Fickle (holding Little Miss Fickle), Isaac C Singleton, Jr., La, Michael Barry & Vince Lozano

…and really scary (I’m talking baby-crying-scary) pirates…
Scary Pirate
The DH and Little Miss Fickle

…persons of extremely questionable taste…
Hey, whatcha gonna wear to the marina today?
My crack-ho-meets-pimp-Disney outfit, what else?

We arrived a little too late to get a good spot for the LobsterDog Parade, but, evidently it’s hard work…

We shared a patch of breezy shade with that little lady and her 2 siblings. Prior to the that photo-taking, they all had little lobsters on their backs, and when they swarmed other dogs it looked like a total waddling crab attack!

We LOVED the breezy shady patches where we visited, baby played/admired/oogled, sat and knitted, and got no pictures of because we were too busy chatting and oogling and sitting and, well…knitting.

And leave it to me to go to a festival all about the seafood, and walk out of there with yarn…
Lobster Yarn
Sari silk


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