It’s What’s For Dinner

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Yummy!You’re guessing angel hair pasta?
Well…guess again.

Angel Hair
Even Better!That there is 60 grams of delicious yarny yumminess in the form of some super-soft laceweight that Wen brought over for a little Sunday to Dye For. Carolyn joined us for a brief spell, mezmerising us with watching her do the amazing flat-knitted-argyle-sock voodoo that she do so well. I wish she could have stuck around longer, not only cuz I like hanging out with her and not only to see the finished products (both successful, pictured below; and unsuccessful, which we shall never mention again) BUT to witness a miracle of Martos proportion: The man actually cooking something.

Happy Wen

We also tried our hand at some slate blue, and for shits and grins, I threw in a skein of mystery somekindahandspun I got form the ASK swap a few months ago.

slate blue

Mine’s the top skein. I could tell the spinner was going for high-end Noro-type yarn. Why else would she have put so much vegetable matter in it?

Wanna see what my pooches look like when they’re not stinky?

clean Trix Clean Saber
(pictures not to scale)
Home from the groomer’s and April fresh!
(thanks Carolyn for helping me get them there!)

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