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This weekend was exhausting, but VERY rewarding. Saturday evening, around 8:05 I got a phone call. It only took 2 sentences and 10 minutes to find me on the road, driving out to the 909 (Yes, I’m a refugee from the I.E. Well, so’s Violet, and you all like HER well enough! shut up) for an indeterminate amount of time.

1. They’re at the hospital again.


2. Your brother is asking for you

So 10 minutes later found me a quick change from jammies to something less…er…casual (and by casual I mean frump-comfy) with a freshly-blocked, newly-knit baby blanket stuffed unceremoniously into the CPH knitting bag; scribbled down directions, gassed up, road coked, and I was outta there, arriving 72, 52…errr, one-million (pinky) miles away by 9:00. I took CPH to work on, not knowing how long I was going to be waiting, but I only got 2 rows done. They wanted me to remain in the delivery room with them, so I chatted with them, but especially talked with big sister Kelsie, and held her hand, hoping to help allay her fears for her mother every time a contraction came. And at 9:50 (less than an hour after I got there), and less than 3 hours of intense labor, he arrived…

Hi Levi!
How YOU doin’?

19 inches; 7 lbs. 2oz. of concentrated bundled love named Levi Thomas. And I’m sure, once he grows out of his old-geezer-looking newbornness, he’s gonna be cute as hell!

New Addition
Tom is my only friend???

By the looks if it Thomas, your number of friends just doubled! (I swear that shirt isn’t photoshopped, he actually wore that!)

So, yes. The baby blanket’s done. I’m just waiting for the thumbs-up from my diligent test knitter, which will be any day now.

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