Meet the Peeps…the Family Edition

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Don’t worry, I’m not going to post pictures of my entire family. There’s not enough bandwidth for that. But there IS a very special event coming up, and it’s all about this little branch on the Wilson family tree:

Tom & Donna's wedding

This is a wedding picture of (read from right to left like a knitting chart) my brother Thomas, his bride, Donna, and Donna’s daughter Kelsie, along with one of my other brothers, Matt, whom you should ignore, cuz this isn’t about him. So disregard the guy with the shinier head red tie. I just didn’t have a decent single picture of just the 3 of them.

Okay. Before I continue, I want to direct your attention to the fun wedding decorations. Yep, I did that.

But enough about me.

It’s quite obvious that autumn is this family’s favorite time of year. Last year, Tom & Donna got married in October on Friday the 13th. They were already expecting their first child (Coleman) which, unfortulately, they lost at the end of October.

Well, guess what?

Donna 9-07Levi

Both pictures were taken back in September. Knitworld, meet Levi Thomas. Levi, meet the best group of people on the face of this earth.

Pretty amazing what modern medical science can do. He’s not even born yet, and we have his first snapshot. But, would it be completely ungenerous of me to say that in-utero picture is a little creepy looking? If so, then I said nothing!

Anyhow, this weekend is all about him…and them, cuz Auntie La, (along with Auntie Cathy and Auntie Sophia, who, as a trio, were tempted to show up as Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, except Sophia’s stuck in Colorado) is throwing them a baby shower! And OMG I’ve been having such a good time! Also, it’s a couples’ shower. That’s one of the many things I admire about my baby brother. He wants to be a part of EVERYTHING. No archaic gender roles, no out-dated male posturing. How refreshing is that? My mama done raised that one right shore-nuff!

I’m just hoping he’ll actually be ABLE to attend. Keep your fingers crossed and your awesome mojo going will ya?

Knit-wise I’ve been busting ass and taking names. Unfortunately, what I’ve been busting ass on is a BIG project and won’t be done in time to give for this Sunday’s baby shower, however it WILL be done before Levi’s due to make his grand entrance into this world on November 25. Actually, I’m on the last 17 rows of the baby blanket, with my test-knitter not far behind!

I’ve also been working on Central park Hoodie.


I’m loving the pattern. It’s clearly-written, straight-forward and simple to follow. AND, get this…I’m cabling without a cable needle!!!! But I’m not so sure about the yarn, and I’m pretty sure I’m hating the needles.

The yarn is more rugged than I’m used to working with. Whether it’s cotton or cashmere, I’m used to yarn that just flows through my hand. This stuff is course and rather grabby, and it’s taking some getting used to. Though, as you can see, the color is amazing, and that alone may be worth the adjustment. Besides, Marie assures me that the yarn softens and blooms once washed.

But the needles? GAHHHH! The needles can bite my ass…sideways. Those cheapy aluminum, nothing-slides-across-these-of-their-own-free-will dull-as-dirt points and their twisty, coily, uncooperative- – – ly, stiff-as-ass cable can just FOAD. I’m hitting A Stitch In Time on the way home for some Addi turbos.

Holy hell, I almost forgot! We’ve had our 10,000th comment on this incarnation of our blog. And since we’re in the mood to give something away, that commenter (commentor? commentator?…whatever) gets a prize. So…Sarkasmo…come on down!

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