Will Wonders Never Cease

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I wasn’t expecting to post today. Until just a few minutes ago I thought I had nothing to say. And let’s face it. I’m tired. I’m tired in the way a person is when they carry on a conversation for way longer than it should have been, well…carried on. I brought it on myself, you know. Taking personal responsibility for daily posts, and feeling disappointed in myself when a day went by without one. But, when you do that, the conversation suffers, doesn’t it? Talking for the sake of filling the silence is just useless blather, and can be excutiatingly boring at best and downright agonizing to witness at worst. So, as of last night I made a promise to myself. Following Jen’s suit, no more blogging for the sake of blogging, and only posting when I have something worth saying, something worth reading. Which, guess what? I do, obviously.

I need to get something off my chest:

Why do non-knitters think you can just whip up hand knits?  To quote Wen:

“Why sure! I’ll just crap that outta my magic asshole.”

I wasn’t planning on doing any Christmas knitting, really, I wasn’t. Oh, back in July I had toyed with the idea of doing a couple of Wisps, a peasant cap and a cute little simple seed-stitch scarf to match, but get real! Next thing I know it’s November 1st, and I was still working on my baby blanket and CPH, so yeah…no Christmas knitting this year.

Then, on Thanksgiving, mom casually informed me that she and dad are taking an Alaskan cruise in March and oh, wouldn’t it be so nice if my 80+ year old dad could have a nice thick hand-knit scarf to go with his new coat to keep him warm, and oh by the way, do I know how to knit fingerless gloves, you know, the type that go around each finger?…and how nice would those be for her on the trip, and then to keep her hands warm while she takes her early-morning walks.

So I guess I’ve got a scarf and a pair of convertible gloves to churn out. I’m thinking something warm and thick with a cable knotwork motif for the scarf. That one I’m pretty sure of. But I’m not quite sure which pattern or yarn to use on the gloves. Any recommendations? Some thing simple and possibly mindless until we get to the fingers part. Also? I think if I learned how to knit while driving, hire a maid, stop cooking, eating, sleeping and showering, I just might have enough time to do both since I’ve never knit a glove in my life, let alone 2.

So uh, where DOES one buy a magic asshole?

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