My Dizzy Blonde

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Yesterday marked the first anniversary of very important addition to the family, because a year ago yesterday I brought home a dizzy little blonde bit of fluff and named her Trixie.

happy trixie

And she made herself right at home…starting with my heart, then proceeding to other comfy soft & squishy places…

laid-back trix

Funny thing, I’ve always considered myself a cat person, never once thinking that a loud, drooling, smelly dumbass dog could be as fulfilling. Leave it to Trixie to prove me wrong. Life has been interesting with her around, that’s for certain, but it’s been filled with love and fun too.

Besides she’s not quite the typical “dog”, at times choosing not only to be distubingly cat-like, but comfortingly Momoze-like. Case in point:
1) Momoze LOVED shredding toilet paper; not only does Trixie love shredding toilet paper, but she relishes in distributing as many minute pieces throughout the entire house as caninely possible (which is even moreso than humanly possible).
2) Momoze hoarded the litterbox; Trixie hoards hedgies and displays her collection creatively, usually either at the entrance to her crate like baracade of posession or at the exact point of contact where my feet hit the floor first thing in the morning, to optimize maximum squeakage, of course.
3) Momoze licked drywall and tile backing board; Trixie licks carpet.
4) Momoze – knitting overseer yarn guard; Trixie – knitting sitter-onner yarn thief
5) Momoze – heart-warmer; Trixie – foot-warmer
6) Momoze – mellow-sharer; Trixie – over-sharer…

slut puppy

Which, actually, is more Sassy-like than Momoze-like.


In any case, I’m so happy I insisted Trixie came home with me! She has brought so much to my life, and is a wonderful companion. It was the best Christmas present I ever got myself. Now, what to get THIS year to top that. hmmmmmm

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