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I like to knit along as I’m designing. That helps me to better see what’s going on, if the different elements are marrying up well and if what looks good on paper actually translates into yarn perfectly.

Oftentimes I’m left with a not-quite-finished prototype that’s been abandoned partway through because I’ve expose all the kinks, fix them, and concluded that I have a viable pattern, impatient to start the “real thing”. And if I’m REALLY lucky, the prototype doesn’t look like complete ass and could eventually be useable…once I complete it.

Thus was the case with Serenity.


One of my Mission Possible projects was to complete this “blanket” and give it to one of the ladies I work with for her aging cat. All that was left to do was bind off, weave in the ends and block it.

Serenity Done

I really like how this partial blanket turned out. Without even engineering it to do so, the edges came out surprisingly scalloped. Bonus!

Inspector Sassy

Sassy even took it for a test-drive.  Yup, it passed her inspection, and now it has the cat-ass seal of approval!


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  1. ’bout time. Pretty assmat.

  2. That’s cause Sassy wants one of her own! I actually love the blanket in multicolors 🙂

  3. It does look really good in the multiple color layers. It would make a really nice big throw, wouldn’t it? And not a sissy baby sized one. Hmmm.

  4. I like the variegated colors, and the shading from a light center to a darker color too. I’m so glad Sassy approves–she’s definitely the Cat’s Pajamas when it comes to beta-testing assmats!

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