Is a Puzzlement

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The same man who can’t pay attention to 30 seconds of directions will stand mesmerized for seemingly hours watching a crane? 


The uber-cool cat toy you bought at that expensive little boutique is sitting in the corner untouched, while Whiskers is batting around a pen cap?


Why is it that when you stand up all the congestion in your head drains instantly?

Oh, the ironies of life!

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  1. Or the guy who can’t pay attention to details like the GIANT PUDDLE OF JUICE ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR will scrub out every single thread of a tiny screw because it belongs to a motor and it can’t be dirty?

  2. Cranes. Cool.

    I thought Hez was going to completely igore her cat tree forever, but thankfully it’s her only real way to spy on the neighbors. Good thing because that thing was pricey.

  3. Hey, just dropping by to tell you how nice the website looks. I love your banner and name!

    I find it ironic that my Husband can drop his dirty socks on the floor right beside the hamper every single day.

    Irony in OC

  4. Or the week you have a big date, someone comes into work sicker than a dog and infects EVERYONE!

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