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Sunday was Mom’s 70th birthday, and the day couldn’t have been more perfect! We celebrated with a Mardi Gras themed party, with all my mom’s closest friends coming, the little nephs making and wearing masks, a parade up and down the driveway Zydeco & New Orleans’ Jazz, and my brothers throwing beads from the deck. I made the gumbo…like I learned how to make when I was stationed in Alexandria, LA…you know, the real stuff.

A week earlier, mom solved the problem of what to give her for her birthday when she noticed a little hat I made for one of my nephews out of some garage sale yarn he found (he’s 7), and decided how nice and toasty warm one of those will be. Just PERFECT, actually, for her Alaskan Cruise come April.

Won’t this…

Sport Alpaca

Misti International Misti Alpaca Sport (12 wpi) [146 yards, 50 gm]

Make a most excellent hat-and-scarf set? Not to mention it’ll fulfill one of my MP 2008 goals! And I could teach her the modified loop-de-loop (third method Gracee models) method to wrap the scarf so it stays put while she’s out clambering around on glaciers and such.


Yes, at 70, among other things, the woman STILL clambers. Amazing!

Mom's Hat

Clamberma 1.0

I’m not entirely satified with the way this turned out, so I’m going to tweak the pattern and try it again. It’s a little snug, a little short, and I don’t like how unfinished the bottom edge looks. I’ve already got some ideas on how to modify it, I just have to get finished knitting the accomanying Irish Hiking Scarf to make sure I have enough yarn for a second hat, so I don’t have to rip the first one, which took less than a full ball.

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  1. Nice! Ma-Oma-La looks like a tough cookie and the grandkids’ favorite. Whee! I like the hat a lot but I see what you mean about the unfinished edge. You could always knit a ribbed band and sew it on, and in one fell swoop solve the edge problem and the too-short problem.

  2. If she raised La, of course she’s tough! 😀 The hat turned out really nice and will go with the scarf quite well. How about when having a ribbing that matches the cables so they come out of a straight rib. Did that make sense?

  3. Carrie has a good point, unless it’s really too snug to wear. It’s cute.

    My mom had a No Men Allowed Tea Party for her 70th last year. It was a blast. I took exactly ONE picture before my camera died. Gah.

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