Finished Object – Smackdown!*

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Well, the finished object isn’t called smackdown, though it could be. No, the smackdown comes later. Instead, I present…

Mikey Hat
An EFfin’ Oh!

Pattern: The Nora by Megan Ellinger
Yarn: Some gawd-awful stuff called Baroque that my nephew bought at a garage sale for a nickel no doubt.
Needles: Size 6 [4mm] 16″ circular and DPNs
Started: January 30, 2008
Finished: February 4, 2008
Mods/Notes: The pattern is written for an adult, and states that it’s not very easy to adjust the size on, so she recommended changing yarn weight and needle size, which I did. The pattern calls for worsted on size 8; I used craptacular DK on 6s, making it the right size for a 7 year old with a huge melon.

Over a year ago my nephew Mikey brought me these 2 balls of yarn…

Mikey's Hat

He then very sweetly says “Auntie La, can you please make a hat for me? My other one is too small.

Eddie Munster

…a hat I had made for him 2 years before. Later that day his mom told me how he saw the yarn at a garage sale and bought it with his own allowance. So of course I’m gonna knit him a hat! Unfortunately it took me a year to get around to doing so. And the yarn was so shitty I kept having to chant…I love my nephews…I love my nephews just to see it through. What helped is that 1) it’s a small project and 2) the pattern was great! It is very well-written, simple yet engaging. I may have to make a few more of these hats…with more likable yarn, of course.

The Schmo-FO

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