Some Progress and The House That Yarn Built

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The Central Park Hoodie? She’s done a-blockin’…

CPH Blocking

Actually it’s been ready to block for a couple of weeks now. Crying shame. I’ve either been too busy or there’s been someone staying in the guest/cat’s room, or I was just too damned lazy to block it until last weekend. Well, at least now it looks like it’s going to fit. Prior to blocking I was sweating the sizing, cuz it looked WAAAY too small. Also, I caught a little snafu on the shoulder cup of one of the sleeves, and fixed that. Now it’s all set for the seaming. Yikes! Sure hope I do a better job of it than on my last hoodie. Hell, blindfolded 2-year-olds could do a better job. Am I the last person to knit this sweater? I KNOW I’m still the last Crapotis hold-out, and damned proud of it!

Of course, as usual Sassy’s gotta have a say in things…

Sassy CPH2

Looks like she’s standing guard, huh? Has you fooled. What she’s really doing is waiting until it’s less damp and WAY less stinky to flop her scrawny ass down on it and claim it as her own. I think she’s channeling Momoze now. I swear, she’s becoming more and more like him every day.

On my way to work today I was listening to one of my favorite knitting podcasts, Stash and Burn, where they announced that they’re holding a drawing for some awesome Stitches West loot! Just make any donation to The House that Yarn Built in the Make it Right fundraiser to re-build homes in the Lower 9th Ward. Then email Stash and Burn with the subject heading: The House that Yarn Built to let them know and you will be entered to win a prize package that they are putting together. It will contain all manner of Stitches goodies! You can also let Christy, the founder of the House that Yarn Built know that you donated and enter her drawing as well! To be entered into the drawing, donate by March 18th.


2-and-a-half men
Two-and-a-Half Men

Wanna know what’s sad? They’re watching NASCAR, and teaching my godson Levi to be all manner of redneck. Again. Proof positive that I’m adopted. I need to geekify that boy, and quick! Where’s there a light-saber plushy toy or a tribble or even a plastic dinosaur when you need one?

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