Big Damn Sweater

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I was a big damn holdout! I refused to see it when it was on TV, and then I refused to see the movie when it came to theaters. It wasn’t Star Trek, Star Wars or Babylon 5, and it sure as hell wasn’t Buffy.

Finally I got around to catching the movie when it was on a premium channel, and thought…not bad. not bad at all…. Then one day Fickleknitter invited me over for some knitting and a bit of Maya cuddling, flipped on the TV and popped in a DVD. That low-down deceiving deceiver forced me to watch Firefly! Okay. Sure. It was entertaining, but I wasn’t seriously hooked until I saw THIS sweater for the first time…

The pilot4

In “Out of Gas” and then again in “The Message”. You mean to tell me that the people in THIS universe don’t have an endless supply of clothing? Holy cow!

Figures. The wonderful stories, the cleverly real dialogue, the amazing actors nor the finally-got-it-right science of science fiction couldn’t melt my cold, unfeeling Star Fleet-issued heart. It took the knit to do that. It was at that moment that I vowed to recreate that sweater, if it’s the last thing I do…and it just might.

I started with the cable…

Washburnelongv sweater back1

Pretty close huh? You would think, but I got it wrong.

sweater back2Washdisputeareav

In the screen cap on the left, there is no termination point at the top and bottom of the small curving cable. Also, I’ve crossed the ropes too frequently. All easily enough to fix. Or do I want to? There are a couple other knitters who are working up an exact duplicate of the sweater…well as much as can be duplicated exactly without being able to see the entire sleeve…

Wash sleeve

…and having to work off of screen caps and such. Also? They’re missing a few other pieces of the puzzle as well…pieces that I had to dig and dig to find.

Pieces like sleeves cuffs
sweater cuffs
Bottom edges…
sweater back bottom

and fully-frontal.

sweater front

Besides, if I keep the termination points on the smaller cable, it’ll make mine slightly different and more appealing to my sense of aesthetics. Also, it’ll cover my butt so no one thinks I’ve infringed on their copyright. This pattern, as as few others I’ve got in the works, will be inspired by Firefly. Keep flying!

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  1. Excellent. I wonder if it’s in the movie?

  2. I like your version better anyway.

  3. It looks great. 😀

  4. lol. I’m telling Picard!

  5. I can’t see the wrong in your cable, but I’ll take your word for it.

    If SCC & Jericho are cancelled this year, I’m not watching any new shows until their 3rd season. Boycott! That’ll teach ’em.

  6. hey, love what you have done do far. I watched that program and sorry to say never ” saw” the sweater. I am a novice knitter, sci fi buff. Can you let me know when you have a pattern?

  7. Has any progress been made on this gorgeous piece? I’m extremely curious to know if there might ever be a pattern someday…

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