Please Pardon My Dust

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Sorry about the mess, doing a little spring cleaning. I have the sneaking suspicion that I’ll have some visitors stopping by some time soon.

You see, I’ve finally been “outted”…and by outted I mean I went on my friend’s podcast and chattered incessantly about lots of crazy stuff, proudly waving my geek flag, getting my facts wrong, you know, the usual La stuff…and I may have let it slip that I have this here rather new design/dye blog.

And by let it slip I mean made the grand announcement. Now the episode isn’t ready for download yet (kinda feel sorry for Cheryl and her bleep button), but it will be soon, like in the next day or so. So, if you’re interested check it out: Diva Knitting Podcast (episode 8 when it’s up)

In the meantime, I’ll just be spiffing the place up a little bit, putting on a pot of coffee, and maybe even baking some cookies.

Oh! I almost forgot. I made you something…


You know, just in case you wanted one.

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  1. HA. And I can feel all snooty and say I knew this blog before it became famous.

  2. Here! Here! I’m with Carrie. :::: sticking nose up in air ::::

    ::: coughing wildly ::::

    Erm… don’t do that when the wind is blowing in the AV. 😀

    And La… the 19th is the poppy festival! 🙁

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