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Phase 1 of Operation Big Damned Sweater is complete:

Washburne Scarf

Stats: Washburne 2.0

Pattern: Washburne by Dizzy Blonde Designs that’s me!
Needles: US size 5 [3.75mm]
Yarn: Jo Sharp DK Wool [98 m (107 yards) 50 g (1 ¾ oz) Color: 011 Heath, 4 balls

I really enjoyed the intricacies of sussing out the cable pattern when all I had were screen-shots to work from. Now, upon closer examination I noticed that the termination points on the small “parentheses” cable is just an illusion. I chose to leave the termination points in my design, mainly to satisfy my sense of natural progression: There must be a beginning and an end. Cables that start out of nowhere and then disappear make my head explode and completely futz with my sense of symmetry.

As you can see in comparison, the termination points only add to the appeal of the pattern instead of detracting from it, and it makes for a unique variant.

Wash-vertical sweater back3

Until I move this site to my own server, the only way to purchase Washburne is through Ravelry. Just click on the button below, or visit my Dizzy Blonde Designs page for the link.


7 Responses

  1. Me likey. Nice work.

  2. Nice design Ditzy.. I mean Dizzy. 😀

  3. It’s absolutely gorgeous. of course, I’da known that before if I’da ever got off my ass and worked on it. Again, I’m sorry I failed this one. =(

  4. Congrats on your new design business! Love the cables…

  5. I like your design better than what’s in the sweater. Very nice job.

  6. wow, that’s perfect! Nicely done.

  7. […] I DID make. This is an original design I’ve been sitting on for as long as I’ve had the Washburne Scarf available to the public, so almost a year now. Here it’s being knit up in this… […]

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