Icewater & Hell…together at last.

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The IK Summer 2008 preview is here, and I gotta say that it really, really doesn’t suck. Let’s hope this is the just first of many better-than-meh issues. The last couple issues had me seriously rethinking my subscription, I was THAT disappointed. But not this one. In fact, there are a couple of things in here I really REALLY wanna knit. Things including techniques I thought never to employ. For instance?

Roped Shell by Angela Hahn
Is that mosaic? Or stranding? I really don’t know. Yeah, I haven’t done either, and I’ve sworn that mosaic is the work of the debbil, created to drive sane knitters completely batshit. But, whatever. I. Must. Knit.

Plaid Halter by Gryphon Perkins
Makes me glad I held onto a couple of my racer-back bras, cuz this baby’s all mine! I’ll probably elongate the body so it hits me mid-hip, and add some shaping to accommodate the assage area. And again, with the stranding. I guess I’m evolving or something…

The Wakame Lace Tunic also by Angela Hahn along with the Leaf Kimono Top (Sarah Barbour) and quite possibly Apres Surf Hoodie (Connie Chang Chinchio) will find their way into my queue. And if the DH minds his manners (stays on the quit smoking gig), Kathy Zimmerman’s Brick Pullover just might be in his not-so-distant future.

So, yeah, I’m loving on the new IK. But that’s not to say it doesn’t have it’s complete and utter train wrecks. Like the


sweater, and then there’s always the Sloppy (b)Ast(a)r(d) Cardi mess. WTF IS that, anyway?

The rest are a just steaming pile of meh, with the potential shift one way or the other, or not, as I see fit. But as I they say, and by they, I mean me…“one knitter’s meh, is another knitter’s whee!”

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  1. Yeah, not a fan of the cardigan. I think Gossamer Stars is pretty and understated and would be fantastic in something with a little shimmer. I love the Delft tee but don’t know if I would ever knit it (those colors say summer to me, in the good way, like blue margaritas by the pool). My jury is still out on the Wendy Bernard tank, but I actually think I covet that tidewater wrap with great lust.

  2. I liked the man sweater, but I haven’t heard what my man thinks about it. Ya know how that goes…

  3. The va-jayjay sweater might be ok if you don’t do it in pinks and reds!


  4. That roped shell is really nice. Even if I did keep reading it as raped shell. I let my Knitter’s Mag scrip expire. I’m not sure what I’ve done with the IK.

  5. This is funny. I’m totally in the meh camp on this one. (I was on the last issue, too, which seemed to be the same sweater done 20 times…which we see again here with the Wallis Cardi.)

    Still. IK has been way better than Vogue lately. (That 80s Flashdance shit was fugly the first time around; they don’t need to be pimping it again.)

  6. There are a fair number of things I liked in this issue (I finally got my copy last night), but the pink vomit cardi? Yuck. I wouldn’t let my cat lie on it, because she might contract something fatal.

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