Mission Briefing

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One of my Mission Possible 2008 goals was to find a purpose for my gorgeous Misti Alpaca yarn and actually put it to that use.

Sport Alpaca

Then, on one of her visits, my mom asked if I could make her a scarf for her upcoming Alaskan Cruise. I showed her the alpaca and she loved it. With that amount of yarn, I could make her a scarf and a matching hat. I’ve always admired the Irish Hiking Scarf, so I made that…

ravel it!

But when I did a search for a matching hat, I came up empty. So I designed my own. My first attempt…

Mom's Hat

…left something to be desired. It was a little snug (and mom’s got a tiny noggin) and the bottom edge wasn’t finished enough looking for me, making it look a little waifish, which definitely isn’t my mother. So I did another…


…which I like much better!

Pattern: Clamber by Dizzy Blonde Designs (pattern link to follow once I write up the pattern)
Yarn: Misti International Misti Alpaca Sport [50 g/146 yards] Less than 1 ball each!
Needles: US Size 4 [3.5mm] Addi Lace – magic loop
Mods/Notes: Each hat has it’s own attractive characteristics, though I much prefer the second hat. I’ll include instructions to both in the pattern when I finally get around to writing it up.

Mom loves her matching set. As she was leaving to go home, I caught her red-handed trying it all on, yet again. She even took the first hat, just in case.

So I only have a partial ball left of the Misti Alpaca. I’d say that counts as MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


Guess what?


Just kidding! Seriously, though…I’m being A-longed! Check it


Oh! And I got the selling feature to work on here, so non-ravelers (are there any left?) can get the pattern. Just go to the Dizzy Blonde Designs pattern page.

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  1. This looks amazing! Not patient enough for cable knitting myself these days. Glad to see another addict out here.

  2. Wahoo, you’ve been alonged. Excellent!
    I LOVE the second version of the hat, too. The first one is pretty cute, but you’re right about the waifish look from the edge. The second one is a great match for the IHS. I hope we get Alaskan cruise pictures of the set in the wild.

  3. 😀 Nice. You’re moving right on up there.

  4. How come when you say you’ve been a-longed, it doesn’t sound so innocent?
    Could just be me though.

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