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Nu Shooz

New Shoes too

After listening to episode #11 of The Diva Knitting Podcast, I suddenly remembered that I had been in search of the perfect hand-knit socks shoes, and have been for the last year or so. Now, see-through shoes are just not my kind of thing. Pink, brown and black plaid faux converse? Emphatically yes! Transparent clogs? Yeah, not so much. I also needed them to be comfortable enough to be able to spend the day in doing a lot of walking and standing around for, say…a day at Disneyland, yet stylish enough to wear to work, and they have to be durable, because I’m hard on shoes. So, when we received the Almost-Free-Our-Shoe-Sale-Is-That-Good flyer from my favorite “we have shoes that’ll fit Fred Flintstone” specialty shoe store the very same day our economic stimulation rebate check hit our account, I took that as a sign…”La must buy shoes today”.

New shoes New shoe - side

Never one to tempt fate, that’s exactly what I did. I bought 4 to be exact, a pair of Propet Mary Jane Walkers and a pair of Propet Tampa Walkers. Being ever-generous, I allowed the DH to buy 2 shoes…one for each foot. It was a VERY good day.

Then last Sunday, me and two of my favorite, hoars (deliberate creative spelling so I don’t want any lip from you members of the grammar gestapo, and you know who you are) indulged in some spontaneous retail therapy. It was my job to gather everyone, it was Andria’s job to be on time, and it was Michelle’s job to decide where we were going and make sure they were open. Play close attention to this last part, cuz guess what?

LYS fail

Yep, you guessed it. Closed. And this was the store that I KNEW had the addi lace needles I wanted and the sweater seaming helper thingies I so desperately needed. And they have alpaca sock yarn. You know, all the shit I need right. now.


No Lone-Arranger Badge for YOU missy!

So, instead we had to go to another yarn store. One even FURTHER behind the Orange curtain. One whose clientele could be considered “Stepfordish” and who drive cars sporting such license plates as…


And we did find Jen’s most favorite yarn of all time, Malabrigo lace, which we all bought skeins in different colorways. I bought one skein. one, uno. single. solitary. skein. Which may or may not be turned into a small shawlette or a certain type of scarfisimo. Of course, to date, no picture of it has been taken. Too lazy.

On our way back to the freeway we all giggled our asses off when we found this…

Dicks Church

Because we’re 12, and that shit’s funny.

*Love is… Im & Cookie who gave me today’s title. Thanks!

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