Mission Accomplished!

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sophia socks


Pattern: Winged it:
Magic Cast-On
Encroachment Heel
2 x 2 ribbed

Needles: Size 2 [2.75mm] 32″ addi lace (LOVE!)

Yarn: 1 ball Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Multijacquard [100g/462yds]

Thoughts: I was going to do the Kaylee Socks as a tribute knit to Monkey Toes, but the yarn wasn’t right for the pattern. Besides, I think I want to knit those socks for me. Yeah, I’m selfish that way. Instead, I did a simple 2×2 ribbing. I’m LOVING how quick and nice these socks turned out. Hell, I was even able to overlook that fakeisle crap in the colorway. What made my day on these socks? 2 words. Magic Loop. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME MAGIC LOOP WAS TEH SHIT??1! OMG. So fast. So flowy. SO workin’ it! Yup, no more octopus wrestling for me…well, except for when I’m doing Rometard events.


So that does it for Goal #9: Knit self-striping socks for SIL Sophia. Woo! They’ve been mailed, and hopefully in my SIL’s hot little Denver hands any day now.

Next up? Extending the shaft (teehee) of these:

Self-Felting Roman Sock
Self Felting Roman Socks of Love

They felted up just like I had hoped. In fact, they felted up so well that the leg is now too short, and the damned socks keep sinking into his shoes. Too smart for my own damn good I tells ya. Thank wool I was still able to get a hank of the Inca Alpaca in the correct colorway! Time for me to cut into my knit for the first time. YIKES!!!!!

I also need to give some love to my stalled Central Park Hoodie, which is languishing at 85% done: Hood’s knit, and all that’s left is the button band, the weaving and the sewing, and then the wearing.

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