No Meme For You

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Nope, no meme here. Nope, nuh-uh. If you’re looking for a meme, you better just keep on moving, cuz Fibercrack’d is a meme-free zone, dontcha know. Not a single solitary meme. Instead we have shameless pimpage of cuteness. The fact that it just so happens to be Friday is pure coincidence people, that is all. No way, no how should this be considered in the general vicinity of…


Just so we’re clear on that.

Pretty in Pink

Marina pink smile 04-08 Marina easter 2008

Yes. That giant person is none other than my darling granddaughter, Marina, taken around Easter time. I can’t believe she’s almost 18 months!

And then there’s Baby Levi…

Levi-dland 03-08
nom nom nom nom nom

Tom-Levi 03-08
Daddy pillow…good

Can you believe that his parents have made me partially responsible for this little dude’s spiritual upbringing? Yep, I’m his godmother, can you believe that?

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