Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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Seems to be my mantra lately. There never seems to be enough time in the day, never enough days in the week, and certainly a dearth of both on the weekends, for everything I’m trying to accomplish. But things ARE happen, just at a pace slower than I was anticipating.

So far, I have 7 of the 13 colorways I have planned as my opening line. Oh! and thanks to the genius that is Marnie MacLean, I now have an amazing logo!


See any resemblance?

happy trixie

Yup, my very own little dizzy blonde is the spokesdog for Dizzy Blonde by La. Hell, if it worked for RCA and Budweiser…

it should work for me, right? Right.

So, once I get the initial yarn line dyed, all I have left to do is to configure and open the shop, then I gotta handle all the legal small business stuff, THEN move everything over to my own domain. Again, not enough hours in the day…or dollars in the bank, to do all I want to do, and do it when I want to do it, which is right now. Not to mention I don’t know squat about configuring an on-line store, or setting up shopping carts and all the other stuff. And that’s just the stuff that I know I don’t know squat about. What about all the other stuff that I don’t know I don’t know about? Yikes!

Small moves, La, small moves.

I saw Ironman on mothers’ day, and OMG you MUST see it! Awesome movie! Not only does it have a great plot, awesome humor, spectacular special effects…and VERY little cheese, AND it has a very healthy, trim & built, but not in an overblown-sort of way he still has tiny little lovehandles that I found irresistible…sober-looking Robert Downey Junior. Still hot, gotta say (well, I ALWAYS thought he was hot, even back when he was all strung-out and wasted…I’m a freak, I know). But on top of all that good stuff? It’s got the knit. Oh yes. OHHHH yes. Go. See. Pay particular attention to the headwear in the Afghanistan scenes. I am SO getting it when it comes out on DVD just so I can grab screencaps and recreate some of those gorgeous hats.

Ahem. Can someone PLEASE make me a geek flag?

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  1. Wheeeee Geek Flag!
    Re: yarn. We want de peechers!

  2. Holy crap, that video didn’t show up at first. The hair… the outfits… the makeup… Ugh. All stuff my teenage stepdaughter is wearing…

  3. I’ll bet Spuds wore jeans and drank Kool Aid when he was a pup. Little bits~I loves the logo!

  4. So when is this yarn going public, because for the past week all I can think about is ORANGE.

  5. May I just go on record and say that your yarn is YUM! It’s seriously decadent. When things get going, you aren’t going to be able to keep much stock on hand. 🙂

  6. Marnie’s just the best, isn’t she?

    Baby steps, OmaLa. You’ll get there when you get there.

  7. Gorgeous spokesdog! I hope her fees were reasonable.

  8. Great logo! And good luck on all the admin stuff.

    P.S. Save a geek flag for me, please. Because I dug Ironman, too. I loved that RDJr. played…well, himself so well. Though I never really thought he was hot…so I’m all “when did he get hot?” watching it. He and Gwenyth were so cute together. I just wanted to moosh their cheeks.

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