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Actually, the first ever here at Fibercrack’d! Okay, in all honesty, it’s being held in conjunction with the main blog. Still, a milestone’s a milestone right?

In a nutshell, the DH and I are going on a rather exciting trip and all you gotta do to win is to figure out our destination. How much easier could it get? Just go on over to JenLa for all the rules and details.

I betcha noticed that I mentioned I’d be putting bonus clues here, right?


Well, here’s the first bonus clue!

A. We will be departing LAX on one day, and then landing in our destination country the next. However, our return flight we will be leaving our destination country and arriving back at LAX on the same day.


Don’t forget, YOU CAN ONLY ENTER ONCE, so make your guess an educated one. Email your entry to Contest! by midnight Pacific time on July 4, 2008. Please include your Blog URL, Ravelry ID and your name in the body of the email. Please do not leave your contest entry in the comments section. Why would you want someone else to benefit from your cranial calisthenic? (But feel free to any other sort of comment if you so desire…)

Remember this?

Dizzy Blonde Yarn by La (that’s me!)

Yep, you could win you some of that, along with a set of hand-made stitch markers, and a souvenir whatnot/whatev from where we’re going. More prizes may or may not be added to the prize package.

Me and My Hedgie

Saber sez, “I’ll donate my hedgie! It’s only a little chewed”

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  1. Dude . . . how the hell did I not know that you had this blog up? I must be slipping. I’ll be waiting on bated (or baited?) breath for the rest of the clues since I am going no where buts OHIO for the vacation this summer.

  2. Off this continent. Not my guess! 😉

    Aw. Sweet of Saber to donate the Hedgie.

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