Distressing News

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Yesterday, while out shopping, my mother-by-marriage fell and broke both her arms.  I’m guessing it’s pretty severe because she was hospitalized and will be undergoing surgery any moment now.  The DH and his family are all on pins and needles about the surgery and about the long road to recovery.  She’s a strong-willed woman, even if she’s of a bit fragile body.

I’m a bit overwhelmed, as I’m taking on the responsibility of inter-familial communcation, and have been up on the phone since 4 am.   (Dang Floridians gotta be 3 hours ahead of us!)  My knitting sure has proven its as the soothing and meditative reputation 10 times over this weekend, and has helped me be the calm in the storm, and able to be there for everyone to help hold it all together.  The DH is holding in there, the Sister-By-Marriage will be on a plane tomorrow.  It’s the Dh’s father that has me concerned.  He’s putting on a brave front, but I know he’s severely rattled.  They’ve been married over 55 years now, and ARE each other’s life.

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  1. Oh no! Healing thoughts to MIL and tranquil thoughts to FIL.

  2. Oh, La, I’m so sorry. Are you taking care of yourself? Is there someone looking after your father-in-law? No matter how brave he is, he’s going to need someone to make him dinner.

    We’ll be thinking about y’all and sending the cat hair covered love.


  3. Ouch. I feel for her. Really. What bones did she break? Is she is CA? Are they doing internal or external fixation? Hugs for everyone.

  4. Holy crap. What a spectacular fall that must have been. Hopefully the shock has worn off and she’s faring a bit better. My thoughts are definitely with her.

  5. Owie. I hope everything goes smoothly and her recovery is quick.
    Take care of yourself too.
    Good thoughts go to your family and big hugs to you.

  6. If there is anything i can do – call docs, interpret medicalese, just ask.

    I’m praying for a swift and uneventful recovery!

  7. Sunnyknitter

    You all are in my thoughts. Sending wishes for whatever each of you needs to feel better soon.

  8. Oh no! I hope the surgery went well! m Yikes. Broke both arms? Oh my. Update us when you can but family first!

  9. Sock Knitter

    I am so, so sorry to hear this 🙁 BUT! My Grandmother fell when she was 85 and broke both of her arms too — they had to operate to fix one of them, the other only needed casting — and she (DETERMINED as the day is long) was just fine, although it did take time to heal — and it IS a PITA for them not to be able to do anything!

    Thank goodness it was her arms and not her hip, which is a whole lot more serious!!

    I will add you all to my prayers and hope for a speedy recovery!!

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