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In the “Where in the World WAS La Going” aka “Life Just Handed Me A Big Heaping Pile Of PWND” Contest…and it’s a visual one:

Examples of Folk Dancers from this country:

folk dance

folk dress

Not only by the new title of the contest, but by the fact that I’m here writing this, instead of jetting over the US of A right now, I’m sure that you have surmised that in fact I’m NOT jetting of for a whirlwind adventure at some distant undiscloseable location. And you would be absolutely right.  That doesn’t mean that I’m canceling the contest. It’s still on, only requiring a small amount tweakage. Yes, the final day to enter is still July 4. Yes, you can enter the contest by emailing Jenla(dot)contest(at)gmail(dot)com. Yes, there is still only one entry per person. And yes, there will still be Dizzy Blonde yarn, hand-made stitch markers and a nifty souvenir whatnot as prizes. What’s changed is the source of the souvenir whatnot.

What happened?

An unfortunate series of events which led to (I suspect) the main organizer of the festival getting in WAAAAAY over his head and completely dropping the ball. As of Thursday, there still were no flights booked, no hotel reservations, no confirmation numbers…and no further communication. The guy just disappeared.  So Tony and I decided that evening that we were going to pull out. That 5 days before we were supposed to get on a plane for 15+ hours of air travel, and STILL no bookings was too short a notice for the last minute scrambling we would have to do. Besides, the DH’s company was pushing for him to suspend his vacation until later on in the year when he was no longer acting department head while the actual manager was out on maternity leave.

We were disappointed for all of about 30 seconds. At time-index 31 seconds and counting, it was as though the entire weight of the world was lifted from our shoulders. It meant that we would only have the already-done arguments about packing and luggage, and what “traveling light” really means.

It meant that we wouldn’t have to find and then feel guilty about family, friends and neighbors to take care of my MIL while we jetted off half-way around the world, that we would be able to look after her and the FIL with domestically inverted hands.

It meant that I wouldn’t have to scramble to get someone to take care of my dogs and clean up after my ancient, dying, floor-pooping cat, because Junior was going to be gone that week due to work. (He wouldn’t have looked after the cat properly anyway)

It meant that I wouldn’t spend the entire time worrying about the DH’s health, making sure he got up and walked around enough to prevent muscle cramps and swelling in his leg with the old blood clot, or whether in traveling for so long he will develop a new clot, and then putting up with Grumpy McCrabberson because he wouldn’t able to sleep at all on the plane trip because he had to be mobile.

It meant that I didn’t have to worry about the possibility of my knitting needles being confiscated in a foreign country.

It meant that I will have an additional weekend to finish up my dyeing for my initial yarn line.

It meant that we would be able to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary here, today instead of on a plane, or a day later in the capital city of our destination.

It meant that we could save our vacation time for when Chrissy and Marina come to visit in August, and we could actually spend some real quality time with them, instead of working all day, and settle for short visits in the evening and a couple of “do it all” days on the weekend.

I’ll be taking a couple of vacation days at the end of the week. My parents are coming down to visit my MIL, and I thought I’d spend some time with them. Then on Friday, I’m playing hookie along with a hoar and her adorable hoarlette and my Rometard friend, Blogless Kris (who ALSO isn’t going to the contest destination anymore…no one is) are heading on over to the Mouse’s House.

So, see? It all balances. But still kinda sucks.

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  1. DUDE. Major suckage. But good that it will work out better in the future. I still hope you pummel the moron who fuxed it all up.

  2. Well, better to find out now and be able to change your plans accordingly, than to find out at LAX that there were no seats for you! I like the lemonade-attitude you’re showing, and I’m sure that things will be much better without you jetting away!

  3. Well… fuckpuppies.

    I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for the trip, OmaLa. Although, I do think it may be for the best in the long run. Better to wait until you can both relax and enjoy the time away.


    Happy Anniversary! ♥

  4. That fuckign sucks! Selfishly I am glad though. And also? I have a pair of addi lace needles for you.

  5. Sunnyknitter

    It sounds like you have enough going on without getting involved in an international clusterfuck, however much fun that might have been. Enjoy your days off when you do take them!

  6. Sorry the trip did not work out the way you had hoped. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Oh, that totally blows. (And then I look up and see Cookie’s “fuckpuppies” which is far and away more descriptive. Which I am also stealing.)

    It probably would have cost a kazillion times as much this late in the game too on top of all your list of reasons but…..but……fuckpuppies.

    Have fun with the hoar and the hoarlette! The hoarlette is really the last Cylon, so be careful around her.

  8. Happy Anniversary!

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  10. WTF!! I would have had gutter pups over that BS! Wow, glad you were able to take charge and make your anniversary a better time being home and able to enjoy each others company. I really like the outfits those folk dancers are wearing. Very trendy. I may have to get me some to wear around the house here.

    You have to remember life is about checks and balances. But now you get to spend quality time with your love ones.

  11. Pretty sure nothing tops “fuckpuppies” but that really blows! Sorry to hear about the change in plans . . . but happy anniversary! Hopefully seven is a good year – not like paper or tin or some other shit like that.

  12. Alida South Africa

    Did this tour/travel agent take money from you? Will you manage to get it back?

  13. You still win each other. Happy Anniversary.

  14. Ouch. I’m glad that you are able to take such a good outlook on this. I’m sure I would have gone completely bonkers.

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