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Thank you everyone, for your wonderful words of encouragement, your prayers, good vibes and super special healing mojo. Mama M is doing better. She underwent surgery Tuesday, was discharged from the hospital yesterday, and now is uncomfortably ensconced in a rehab facility, where she will be a ‘guest’ for the next 3-10 days.

Of course, Mama M doesn’t like the rehab facility. Well, who would? “It smells bad, the food is awful, and the bed’s uncomfortable” are the most prevalent amongst her issues. Whew! If she’s feeling good enough to complain, then she’s definitely on the mend! Maybe the ‘conditions’ of the facility will give her further incentive to work really hard at physical therapy.

eta – OR maybe, the stubborn old woman will like she just did without a single thought to her health…


When we mentioned to her that we will cancel our trip abroad, Mama M wouldn’t hear of it! She’ll definitely be home by then, and we’ll get home care for her for the week we’re gone. So, to celebrate the fact that Mama M’s on the mend and the fact that we don’t have to cancel, here is the next bonus clues!

Clue C. During the Roman occupation, part of this country was once part of the Thracian kingdom

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  1. Glad to hear she’s on the mend! She sounds feisty.

  2. Question: what does FIL do all day? Can’t he bring MIL some rehab-approved meals?

  3. Like she just did what? Check herself out? But glad to hear that at least she came through the surgery well. Rehab facilities aren’t supposed to be spas. Then they’d never get rid of the patients. (Although I’d bet that’s not why they’re like the way they are.)

    The old Thracian Kingdom! Ah.

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