And the Winner Is?

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I’ll get to that in a minute. but first of all, the answer to the “Destination Unknown” aka “Life Handed La a Heaping, Steaming Pile of PWND” Contest is, Svistov, Bulgaria for the Eagle on the Danube European Roman Festival. Whether the planning fell through, or our European contact was of the less-than-honest variety, the end result was the same: our entire group didn’t get go. The event still happened, and those who DID attend (mainly groups from central-eastern Europe) had a nice time, and are looking forward to going again next year.

And now onto the part you all have been waiting for: Who won?

And the winner just so happens to be a fellow Rubbernecking reenactment enthusiast, boobie-flashing, smoking-quitting extraordinaire LadyMacha72.

And because she’s a Ravelry Rubbernecker, I’m gonna give her a choice of prize. She could either…

a) Wait for the special Rubberneckers-inspired, limited-edition colorway called “Woe Cake With Tragic Cherry Topping” yet to be dyed.


b) She can receive instant gratification and take the mystery colorway behind door number 2.

Decisions…decisions…decisions. So, LadyM…email me your mailing addy and which option you’d like, and congratulations!


I finally have all my first-run colorways dyed. All that’s left to do is “aesthetize”, photograph and tag them, then all that’s left are the multitudes of administrative minutiae that is required to open an online store. I’m still aiming for August 1-ish. So, keep a weathered eye!


For those of you who wish to come and point and laugh at La being all Rometarded, especially those of you who have I lovingly call hoar, or spawned the littlest cylon, or, hell, just want a good laugh at my expense, I will be here this coming weekend. I may or may not be brandishing a wad of gorgeous pencil roving and a pretty little drop spindle. I’ll be the one in the gorgeous styled-in-the-hadrianic-fashion Roman wig. Thanks Wen!

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  1. We’ll drop by, do you have a preference on which day?

  2. I want a skein of the Tragic Woecake yarn sight unseen, just so you know 🙂

  3. PS – Today is Pumpkin’s 4th Birthday!
    And why is it every time I see the commercial for the “new delicious nut snack” I HEAR “new, delicious nut SACK” and think of you? — because of your SOH, not your affinity for delicious nut sacks, silly 🙂

  4. I cannot believe that I’ve never heard of that festival, even if it is in Bulgaria. Bummer about the forces aligning to ruin your vacation, La. Next year maybe?

    Woe Cake with Tragic Cherry Topping. It’s a little long for a tattoo but it’s just so perfect, in a tragic way.

    Alas, I will not be *there* this weekend (as if I ever am. I wish). I’ll be going over the fascinating basics of basis.

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