How’s about a little random?

Since my mind is on the weekend, my thought-patterns are a little fractured. Question is, where will that take us? Let’s find out!

I’ve got mail!

When I got my last order of yarn blanks, Cheryl included a little easter egg hidden amongst the strands: 3 little bars of her amazing Diva Soaps. So far I’ve tried the Green Tea and Cucumber, and let me tell you…LOVE! She also sent me a caramel, which my ego thinks she made with me in specifically mind since everyone knows caramel is my favorite candy ever, and another whose name escapes me right now, but if memory serves, (and it hasn’t lately. I’d better hire a new one) it’s green and woodsy and a little floral. I’ve been using the soap for a week now, and I really like how my skin’s feeling. She uses all sorts of luscious oils and butters. SO soft! You should try it!

Wanna see what else came this week?


Gorgeous sock yarn from Cables and Lace. The Green Lizard Toes is “War” from his Apocolypse series, and has become a pick-me-up for a knitter friend whose going through a bit of a rough patch. The blue Dragon Feet is “Greed” from his Seven Deadly Sins series and is intended for Zoe, a design I’m working on. I may or may not have to go back for some Famine and some Sloth, because, face it, who couldn’t use a little sloth in their life? That merino-silk make me want to consider branching out into a second yarn line. We’ll see. I don’t have enough time to dye enough yarn to keep my current yarn hoars happy.

I won something!

And all I had to do was caption a picture of a cuddle-muffin over at Fickleknitter contest. Woohoo! Michelle’s turning out to be quite the designer. Some of her available patterns are for innovative, smart, eco-friendly items you can use every day, while others are for fun stuff. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! Go Green!!!!

Other Cool News!

On August 8…I remember that date because I was still reeling from the 6-hour sell out that was the Dizzy Blonde Studios’ launch…I got an email from Danielle of Knit-A-Gogo wanting to teach a class using my Serenity pattern…Lookie! That’s so exciting!

Also, I found out that I’ve recently been Wendy’d. Which isn’t quite the same as being Harlotted, (not sure I could survive that! I’m just one person with only 2 hands…) but close…and you know what that means! I’d better get my ass back in the kitchen and start dyeing like a madwoman. If anyone wants to volunteer to be slave labor, I’ll gladly accept the help. There’ll be free food, drink, good company, and probably some comedy and creative cursing.  Good times!  Who’s with me?

4 Responses

  1. If I lived closer, I’d come over to help. Sadly, it’s a bit of a drive to get to your place from here.

    Happy Weekend, OmLa!

  2. Very cool news! I’m too far away to help too, thankfully. I mean sadly! Sadly! And yes, you’d better get back to the dyepots. A month?

    There is an apocalypse skein series? Must. Have….

  3. Isn’t it assumed that I’ll help out by now?

  4. OMG! You got Wendy’d. EXCELLENT.
    I’m kinda loving the idea of seven deadly sins yarn, or Apocalypse yarn. It doesn’t hurt that the colors are yum.
    I coulda come over this weekend and dyed for a minute or two – we were in Oceanside overnight looking at houses. Alas, we were only in the state for about 16 hours including driving time! Sigh.

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