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For 3 nights prior I tossed and turned, fretting and worrying, and running up and down the endless litany of what ifs; wondering if the knit world will like my yarns…

  • Did I have enough color variety?
  • Are the colors too saturated?
  • Are the skeins too tonally similar?
  • Did I dye too many?
  • Did I not dye enough?

And then the night before I decided to load my “shelves” with just 1 skein of each, so that I can just increase the number when I got to work. Before I was done inputting my last 3 skeins, the first 2 I put up sold! Let me tell you, the night of the 7th I slept so peacefully I was able to wake up early enough the next morning to head into work 50 minutes early just to make sure I could open up shop on time. See, me, in my infinite dumbassery chose 8:08 am. Yeah, usually I’m still on the road at that time driving the commute from hell. But, no. I had to be clever. 08:08 on 08/08/08. Yup, that’s sure thinking ahead, La.

At any rate, whether you all are shop-a-holics, yarn hoars, yarn collectors, yarn hoarders, or saving up for yarnaggedon, I totally sold out. In 1 day…well, 6 hours to be exact. So I guess all my concerns were unfounded…well, all except one: Did I not dye enough? Which I answered with a resounding, oh hell no! Not even in the remote vicinity of considering the possibility of being considered a fraction of what was needed.

My office counter before USPS came to claim it all…


…and now they’re all on their way to they’re new homes. And I can reclaim my office, at least for now.

I also included a little thank-you for making Dizzy Blonde Studios such a whomping success:
Tape Measure-green

…and a note begging for Dizzy Blonde yarn project pictures, which I’ll put into a gallery and credit the sender and send them some web/blog love to boot.

So I’m back to dyeing again. I’m doubling the amount of the most of the colorways, and adding 2 or 3 new colorways as well. It’s going to take me a while, but I’m really enjoying the entire process. In the meantime, I have created a mailing list so that I can give everyone and early heads-up the next time I’ll be stock my shelves. So if you missed out on this go-’round, leave me a comment here, and I’ll put you on it. The only people who will have prior knowledge to new inventory are those on that list, and those who read Fibercrack’d. So, if you wanna be in the know, let me know, you know?

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  1. I want to know when you have a hank of the Scarlett for me! I want to reward myself for my major destash! Rosi said I should. =)

  2. Hee! I knew they’d sell fast, cuz they were PRETTY.
    Is the JenLa colorway you dyed up for sale the same as mine? (Mine looked darker than your photo, but that could be a monitor issue.) Cuz I have one sock done and would gladly send you a photo if ever the light cooperates.

  3. I am so happy for you, OmaLa.


  4. I love you!


  5. Congrats on the great sell-out! 🙂

    (Love to be on the email list if I’m not already as well! Thanks!)

  6. Super duper! Congrats again, as you totally deserve it!

  7. I just knew you’d sell out in record time!

  8. I scored some Michelle, but would still like to be on your emailing list, if I’m not already there. (You probably have a different email address from my Etsy purchase–email me if you need help in the matchup.)

  9. Congrats! Please put me on the mailing list. Maybe I’ll get lucky next time you stock the shop.

  10. Absolutely GORGEOUS COLOR! Please put me on your list. Thanks!

  11. Please put me on your email list; I don’t want to miss out again!

  12. I got mine today!!!!!!!! I LOVE DORIS! THANK YOU!!!!

  13. elizabeth

    Wow. I am jealous of all of the people who got your yarns… I spent the evening lusting after Veronica and Olivia. Very much want to know when the next ones will show up! (stellae [at]

  14. Please add me to your email list. Your yarn is stunning!

  15. Susan Voegtly

    Your yarns were absolutely beautiful! And, it didn’t help that WendyKnits has a nice pile to torture us all with!!!!
    Please add me to your mailing list and I will try and knit faster to make room for more yarn!!!!

  16. Please add me to your mailing list. Your yarn is beautiful and I’m sorry I missed the last round.

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