Ravelympics 2008 update

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We now go live to Wool E. Sheepleton at Ravelympic Village…

Wool E at village

It’s a lovely day here at Ravelympic Village, and the games are in full-swing! Our story today is focused on one our two favorite plucky Ravtheletes. In the Ravelry circles, she’s known as KnottyLa, but here, where we know her best, she’s just plain La, and man, does she have a story.

Two years ago, La, suffered a crushing defeat, being unable to finish her baby sweater in the time allotted. But she persevered, and even after everyone else went home, she remained until that sweater was done. Was too inexperiences? Too ambitious? Not focussed enough? Who knows? All I know is that I hope she learned from her mistakes. Now, it’s two years later, La’s been knitting like the lean, mean knitting machine she is, and is hoping to take home the gold, for not one, but 2 teams! But she’s off to a rocky start.

In the beginning La suffered a self-imposed but not anticipated set-back. As you all know, La opened up the doors of her yarn store for the very first time on the same day as the start of the Ravelympics. Will this effect her outcome, or is it just a temporary set back? Are we in for the rally of the games, or yet another crushing defeat? We’ll find out.  The unanticipated part of the set-back occurred when she sold all her inventory and then had to process the orders in a timely manner. But all her packages are shipped so she can now focus 100% on her events.

Let’s check in now with the voice behind the scenes…Lana Lamberg, Lana?

Wool E and the sheep

Hello Wool! And I must say, it’s like a zoo here! Knitters everywhere, bits of yarn flying, ball-bands being flung around like panties at an 80s rock concert…and the click-click-clackity-click of the needles is deafening. But you know what? I’m in heaven! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I was finally able to catch up with La for a few minutes last night between the dinner relay and synchronized showering, where she was able to share her progress:
RaveLympics sock 1

That, my friends, is an almost completed sock. I was able to talk with her very briefly this morning and she said she had made some progress since the last time we talked, she’s casted on for the second sock of this pair, and has worked all the increases, and now it’s just a matter of working her way up the foot. Oh! And I was supposed to remind her to print out the Cat Face Lace Sock pattern for her second pair, which she hopes to start some time this early next week, if all goes according to plan.

Back to you Wool!

Team RR banner

Thank you Lana! That just about wraps things up for today, and I leave you with a replay of the hanging of the official Team Rubbernecker’s Banner. What a thing of beauty!

I am Wool E. Sheepleton and this has been a Ravelympics 2008 update!

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