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Levi - 10 mo

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! That bundle of cuddly drooling cuteness is my 10 month old nephew and godson, Levi, and right there he’s telling me to hurry up and finish this dye run so I can update my store so I can stop neglecting him, and get back to spoiling him rotten.

And let me tell you, I have been dyeing yarn every weekend ever since the store sold out last month, and I’m almost done with this dye run. I’ll be bringing back all of the original colorways, and I’ve even double up on most of them. I will also be introducing 3 new colorways, one of which is a new Signature Collection. Want a sneak peak?


When I’m not elbow deep in hot water, I’ve been doing a little knitting and a little designing. I’m done knitting the hood on Central Park Hoodie, and have been successfully procrastinating kitchenering the hood by knitting another pair of udones (Roman Socks). I think I’ve finally worked out all the kinks in that particular pattern, so I’ll be writing it up soon. As another procrastination tactic I’ve also knit a swatch of the Betty yarn, and not only to photograph for the shop and the site, but to get the gauge for a new sock pattern I’m designing. Hopefully you’ll find it something different than the usual hand-knitted socks out there. That is, if the engineering is sound and it actually works… determination to be made in the not so recent, but still foreseeable future. How’s THAT for being a tease Turtlegirl?

Anyhow, the Udones pattern is named “Lamassu”, at least for the time being, and the other sock pattern is named “Tenderfoot”. If I meet my deadline (which is highly doubtful), Tenderfoot will be submitted for consideration for the 2010 Pattern a Day Calendar. And if I miss that deadline, there’s always the following year!  They asked me to submit as many patterns as I want, so I’m sure what I miss this year, I’ll be able to catch next year.

So, that’s been my fiber life for the past month in a nutshell.  Glad I’m not allergic to nuts!

Wanna see another adorable face? But brace yourselves, one blog isn’t enough to contain this much girly cuteness…

Marina Sol (aka the SGD)
Marina - 19 moHow YOU Doin’?!?

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  1. I don’t know which picture I like better. heh.

  2. Some cute kidlets there! And I know from cute kidlets…

  3. OMG, teh cute!

  4. Sunnyknitter

    Too much cute! Plus yarn! (spins in a circle like certain dogs…)

  5. For some reason that yarn makes me hungry for cake.

  6. I can’t remember a thing you wrote – starting and ending a post with adorable kiddos is very distracting!
    Do I see teeth inside that big handsome smile? What a handsome little guy; think of the beautiful babies he and Clover will have 🙂

  7. Oh, the darling!

    Speaking of darling, did you catch Kevin McKidd on Gray’s Anatomy last week? O.My. G.

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